Kanye West Takes Sunday Service to Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church


KanyeKanye West has been promoting his new album, “Jesus Is King,” and performing with his choir in various cities. This Sunday his journey leads him to Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Allegedly, Pastor Joel Osteen and the rapper are friends. Kanye has wanted to visit Osteen’s church for some time, and it is finally happening and his choir is joining him. The service will also be broadcast live on SiriusXM channel 128.

Kanye’s Sunday Services have been described as a “spiritual Christian experience.” The most notable part of the experience is the music. So, it comes as no big surprise that the music producer released a gospel album titled. “Jesus Is King” is Kanye’s ninth consecutive number one album.

Kanye is no stranger to Christian lyrics. He hit the scene with the infamous “Jesus Walks” and took the hip hop community by storm. However, even though he may sprinkle Jesus into some of his albums, they are also laced with vulgar language and content. This year, however, the rapper has made a dramatic change after starting up his very own church gatherings. His new project reflects the rapper’s Sunday services. When speaking of the recurring Sunday Services, the singer’s wife, Kim Kardashian-West said:

It’s honestly more like a healing experience for my husband,” Kardashian West said. “It’s just music; there’s no sermon. It’s definitely something he believes in — Jesus — and there’s a Christian vibe. But there’s no preaching. It’s just a very spiritual Christian experience.

It’s open to all faiths.

Everyone that comes understands it’s just a really healing experience with an amazing choir and amazing messages about love to start off your week.

On this coming Sunday, Lakewood Church will experience the new Kanye and his beloved choir. The controversial musician told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that he is spreading the good news and letting people know what “Jesus has done” for him. He added:

Now that I’m in service to Christ, my job is to spread the gospel. To let people know what Jesus has done for me. You know I spread a lot of things. I, I…there was a time I was letting you know what high fashion had done for me. I was letting you know what the Hennessey had done for me. I was letting you know all of these things, but now I’m letting you know what Jesus has done for me. And in that, I am no longer a slave. I ‘m a son now. A son of God. I am free.

Kanye has never been concerned about what others think as much as they wish he would be. He went from being the man behind the curtain in the 1990s producing beats for other artists to the spotlight with hits such as “Jesus Walks” and “Gold Digger.” All while working in the shadows, Kanye never gave up his dream to become one of the greatest rappers alive. Even with his new journey into the world of Gospel music, his talent is undeniable

The musician’s mother, Donda West, raised her son to be a proud black man. Her desire to see him strong and unashamed of his talents came to pass. Kanye’s father, Ray West, is a former Black Panther and was one of the first black photojournalists at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. With a mother who advocated for better educational conditions in Chicago and a dad who was a former Black Panther, Kanye has activism flowing through his veins. It is no wonder he leaps at opportunities to stand up and stand out!

The Grammy-winning artist’s powerful presence for this generation cannot be denied. Kanye offended many of his non-supporters when he invited a Jesus impersonator to accompany his “Yeezus” album tour. Ironically, as the artist continues to evolve, critics are now upset about the Sunday services and his gospel album.

Pastor Osteen has embraced the rapper and will interview him during his Sunday morning service. Kanye is expected to discuss how he has overcome significant adversity in his life and career with Osteen’s parishioners. The choir will join Kanye during Sunday’s nighttime service to perform songs from “Jesus Is King.”

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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