Rapper Bad Azz Dies in Jail at 43

Bad Azz

Rapper Bad Azz, a friend of Snoop Dogg’s, died in jail.

Bad Azz died on Monday, Nov. 11, 2019, while he was in custody at a jail in Riverside, California. He had been detained on a domestic violence charge. The rapper had been picked up on Friday and was due to appear in court on Tuesday.

Based on jail records, his bail had been set to $10,000, however, he did not bail out.

The west coast rapper was an affiliate of Snoop’s Warren G., Daz Dillinger, Nate Dogg, and others associated with Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips in the Long Beach area.

Bad Azz collaborated with the MCs listed above and Tupac, as well as MC Eiht, Mistah F.A.B., Bizzy Bone, The Lady of Rage, Busta Tymes, Ice Cube, and others. He recorded four solo albums and was featured in two collaborative albums.

Members and friends of the DPGC posted tributes to Bad Azz on social media. This confirmed his death. On Instagram, Snoop posted, “Damn. R.I.P. To my young D.P.G.L.L.G. L.B.C. Crew original @badazzlbc gone 2 soon.”

One of his most famous tracks was “Wrong Idea,” featuring SD. He had over 70 features credited to his name, dating back to the mid-90s.

By Jeanette Vietti


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