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New Christian Platform Offers Faith-Based Alternative to Disney Plus



A new Christian platform offers parents a faith-based alternative to Disney Plus. Disney has called Disney Plus the future of the company. It is the entertainment giant’s streaming service for almost everything it has ever created or bought. Disney Plus officially launched Nov. 12, 2019, and costs seven dollars a month in the United States, or 70 dollars for annual prepay subscribers. The Nashville-based children’s digital media company Minno is now offering parents searching for classic faith-based entertainment an alternative to Disney Plus.

Minno curated content with the goal of reaching 100 Million church-attending Americans. The subscription-based digital platform features the largest collection of classic Christian content including “Veggie Tales,” “3-2-1 Penguins,” and “Owlegories.” The ad-free service also includes a collection of children’s books and a parenting blog with expert resources and voices for Christian parents. When speaking of the new platform, Erick Goss, the company’s CEO, said:

Christian parents have different wants and needs in the marketplace, ‘family-friendly’ or ‘clean’ is not enough. They want content that affirms the values they care about. The fact is 93 percent of younger parents feel ill-equipped to do anything about the spiritual development of their children. We created this platform as a solution specifically for them.

In an increasingly secular world where faith and family values are often marginalized, there are few entertainment and education options available that parents can trust. The new Minno platform meets an important and largely unmet need in the $30 billion U.S. children’s product marketplace by offering safe, high-quality and fun media choices for every situation.

In the new year, Minno says it will be offering families guides on top-of-mind topics, family devotionals, and podcasts. Minno’s standard subscription is $6.99 a month and includes unlimited streaming, more than 127 shows and 25 episodes of “Veggie Tales.” The platform is available on iOS, Android, Roku, tvOS and online.

Disney Plus is designed to be the exclusive home to stream theatrical blockbusters from “Star Wars,” Marvel, Pixar and Disney’s own studio, as well as National Geographic. Despite glitches and service outages on day one, the launch was a big success for signups. Disney also is ramping up a slate of original shows and movies based on those brands Disneyand others.

Cable TV channels used to keep you tethered to pay-TV. Today, several online video streaming services now give any cord cutter with an internet connection unprecedented TV-watching freedom. Disney Plus and Minno are newer options, however, subscription streaming video services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix have been around for years.

Just a few decades ago, most of today’s television programs and movies would have shocked the public. Programs that never would have aired then, receive the highest ratings now. What most in the media promote and what the truth is are hardly compatible. No wonder families are disintegrating; it is evident that many have embraced an attitude of compromise in this nation, and, more sadly, within homes.

Of course, times change, but for many faith-based families, God’s standards do not. The sin that once amazed viewers now amuses them. There is violent, damaging, unwholesome programming that is destructive and degrading to the morals of the family. A study done by The National Institute of Mental Health states, “Violence on television does lead to aggressive behavior by children and teenagers who watch the programs …” Minno is a welcomed partner, coming alongside Disney to navigate the digital culture with faith-based families.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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