Toyin Adekale’s Mom Dies From COVID-19 Days Before NHS Fundraising Show [Exclusive]

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International singing star Toyin Adekale’s mother, Isatu Kudi has passed away just days before the artist was due to perform in a show to raise funds for the NHS to help fight the coronavirus.

In a statement to Guardian Liberty Voice, Stevie Eagle E, head of Shlepp Entertainment/Shlepp TV, stated:

It is with a heavy heart that I must confirm that the mother of Reggae Royal Toyin Adekale and the grandmother of rising singing sensation Taliwoah passed away from the coronavirus early on Thursday morning BST.

“I myself am heartbroken by this news. I had just spoken to Toyin about her mum when she returned from taking gifts to the NHS staff treating her mum at the Hospital in London. Her spirit was up and she was looking forward to the show on Sunday. Toyin’s mum at least died peacefully in her sleep. The real heartbreaker with COVID-19 is that families are denied being there and saying goodbye to their loved ones. The way this whole thing is done with hospitals needs to be addressed because it is just causing so much pain on top of the death itself.

We ask now that the family be given space and time to deal with this and we also ask for time to come to a decision on whether the Love Reflection and Hope fundraising event, which starred Toyin Adekale will still take place on Sunday the 5th of April. We know she would want it to go ahead. She was fighting for people like her mother and those that care for them, but we feel that time is needed before we go forward.

Shlepp Entertainment will make an announcement on this situation tomorrow, April 3, 2020, at some point on its website, social media, and through the press. The show will go on. It is just a matter of when.

Everyone at Shlepp Entertainment is very down. We fly our flags at half-mast for the Queen mother and would like to offer their love and condolences to Toyin Adekale, Taliwoah, and their family through this difficult time. RIP Isatu Kudi.

By Jeanette Vietti


Stevie Eagle E Shlepp Entertainment, Toyin Adekale

Images From Shlepp Entertainment – Used With Permission