NOB Gang Members Raided in Dorchester District of Boston


Thirty-two members of NOB gang, have terrorized several Boston city neighborhoods and suburbs for thirty years. Moreover, the gang members belonged to the NOB gang. NOB stands for the Norton, Olney, and Barry streets in the city’s Dorchester district. United States Attorney Andrew Lelling stated on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, that the gang members face federal charges after raids on Monday, June 15.

Criminal Charges Against the Dorchester-Based Gang

The 32 NOB members are being charged with violent crimes related to drug trafficking, and racketeering. Authorities have said that members of the NOB gang have participated in armed robberies, drug transactions, acts of physical violence, shootings, and other forms of criminal activities, or types of vice.

Lelling was speaking at a press conference hosted at the Boston federal courthouse.  He then stated that the NOB gang has been conducting criminal activity. Also, the array of their criminal charges is “armed robbery, executions, armed assault, firearm crimes, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and witness intimidation.”

The FBI, ATF, and the Boston Police Department (BPD) arrested 15 members of the NOB gang on early Tuesday morning, on June 16. Meanwhile, 6 members were fugitives with federal warrants, and 11 other members will be federally charged. However, the Boston Herald reported that the 11 members are already in state custody.

The arrests were made in the cities of Fall River, Attleboro, Everett, Brockton, Weymouth, Boston,  and Providence (Rhode Island). Lelling further stated that the federal probe operation was meant to break apart the NOB gang. It was meant to remove the most violent members of the gang from the streets of the Greater Boston area.

The U.S. Attorney said that the raids were sent out during a rise in violent crime in the city of Boston. Additionally, the U.S. Attorney made reference to five shootings in the city, on top of a hill, which happened on Saturday, June 14.

History of Gangland Culture in the Hub of the Universe

Boston Organized reported that much of Boston history was created by organized crime. Numerous celebrity Hub gangsters have participated in an unethical element in the metropolitan region, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Moreover, many street criminals were operating in a local restaurant or an indiscrete building on a local street corner.

In addition, the Boston Organized Crime reported that mob-related violence once ran rampant in the North End and Boston Waterfront neighborhood. Hanover Street was ground zero for violence, which was the ward’s main thoroughfare. Also, street criminal’s names like Beano Breen, King Solomon, and Mickey the Wiseguy ran supreme in the city’s criminal underworld.

The United States Attorney reports that members of the Dorchester district street gang had a dark alliance formed with the Wendover gang. The NOB gang has been feuding with rival gangs in their neighborhoods of Greater Boston, and the Bay State, for years.

By John Federico
Edited By Sheena Robertson


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