Amazon and the Coney Island of New England

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Amazon has opened a new delivery center in the Boston area suburb of Revere, Massachusetts. The new delivery center was originally a candy factory named Necco that was famously known for producing its Sweethearts candy.

Amazon stated that approximately 200 people will begin working at the plant in Revere. Initially, the city of Revere is just to the north of the larger city of Boston.

The new Amazon distribution center is 800,000 square feet. The online shopping company will organize deliveries that are coming from their larger distribution centers.

Amazon is the city of Revere’s largest employer.  In the past, the neighboring cities of Boston and Revere nominated Suffolk Downs, former horse track, to become second national headquarters. However, the two cities’ pitches to Amazon were unsuccessful, in the end.

Speaker of the Massachusetts House Robert DeLeo stated that the Amazon distribution center economically boosts the seaside city in Suffolk County.

In June, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, or the Bay State, had the highest unemployment rate. Specifically, the unemployment rate in the Commonwealth was at 17 percent at the dawn of the Summer.

In 2018, over 200 workers suddenly became unemployed. Amazon hopes to remedy that situation.

WJAR reported that Clarion Partners owns the 50-acre property leased by Amazon. The New York real estate investment corporation bought the building that they are now leasing to Amazon for the price tag of $355 million dollars. In addition, Clarion Partners bought the property earlier in 2020, that they now lease to Amazon.

History of Revere Beach

Revere Beach is five miles north of Boston. The beach, which is also a national historic landmark, faces the Massachusetts Bay. Additionally, the beach area is miles long and has a firm sand shore that forms a massive crescent. It forms along the blue Atlantic Ocean, as well. In 1912, it slowly slopes out to sea and creates the perfect beach for bathing. However, there are steamers and lighthouses that are passing out into the ocean, the Winthrop and Nahant peninsulas are seen in the distance. The great beauty and aw of Revere Beach, during any time, is unrivaled. Kevin M. Carey published a poem about the beach and its historical events.

In 1895 the Massachusetts General Assembly ordered that three miles of land on the sea coast be turned into what is now Revere Beach Reservation. Initially, the history of Revere Beach, as the United States’ first public beach, had begun. Additionally, the Narrow Gauge Rail Road, which rode from East Boston to Lynn, passed through Revere Beach and the golden age of the city and beach had begun. It was said that Revere Beach was the people’s Beach, which was popular amongst the working class and many different immigrant groups in Revere and the Greater Boston area, at the time. During the remainder of the 19th century and the early 20th century Revere Beach became known as the Coney Island of New England, and as one of the first amusement parks in the U.S.

Sadly, by the 1960s and 70s, many working-class Bostonians had moved to the middle-class suburbs of Greater Boston. Then, the next generation would ride to Cape Cod for the summer instead of taking the train to Revere Beach. As opposed to their working-class immigrant parents and grandparents that vacationed locally. Essentially, the death of Revere, and its beach, had begun.

Necco Abruptly Closes

Necco abruptly, and surprisingly, shut down their candy factory in July 2018. Moreover, before Necco closed for business in 2018 it was the United States’ oldest candy factory that operated uninterrupted. Necco was an abbreviation that stood for the New England Confectionary Company.

Fortunately for Amazon, the Necco closing allowed for the newest hub for the online shopping industry. Workers in the Greater Boston area are looking forward to the opportunity to find work and Amazon will provide jobs to ease the area’s unemployment.

Written by John A. Federico

Edited by Sheena Robertson

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Revere History

10 WJAR: Necco plant in Revere abruptly closes

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