Census Counts Everyone in America

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The Census Business Coalition (CBC) is a group made up of many American associations, foundations, enterprises, and business owners. These people recognize the great need for each census.

CensusThey saw creating a need to secure America’s census as of utmost importance. The CBC is committed to ensuring everyone knows what the census is. They work as a group to educate their own employees, communities, and customers all over the United States.

Back in 1789, America’s founding fathers had a vision for the U.S. Wanting to have a way to gather necessary data for their vision — the U.S. Census — something to guide the government with fair information. This information is gathered every 10 years. Gathering up correct data ensures communities that need funding will receive the help they need.

What Does That Mean?

If a person chooses not to fill out the form — that person or family does not get included in the count — they could face fines up to $5,000. However, the main goal of the census is to gather intel.

For instance, say that only 5,000 people in a town fill out the form. The government will use those numbers to decide on how much money to use in that town.

Now that is only the people who filled out the forms. In truth, there could be much more uncounted for. These people are usually homeless, immigrants, or minority communities. There are many people trying to work with these people, so they may be counted.

What Ways Can a Person Fill Out the Form?

There are a few different ways to fill out the census. One way to fill out the form is to go online. To do so one just simply goes to the census website and fill it out. Another way is to fill out the form that gets sent to one’s mailbox.

Just fill out the form and mail it in the prepaid envelope. The third way to fill out the form with one of the census workers out in the street. These people set up tables or walk around to gather citizens’ information.

People who work for the census hope to gather up everyone’s information. Anyone who is living in the U.S. needs to fill out the census so proper governmental funds can be passed out appropriately.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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