The Census Has Already Gathered Millions of Data

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The United States Census Bureau’s mission is to serve as the Nation’s leading source of gathering quality data. Data that gets measured and disseminated to ensure the economic dynamic for the nation’s society and institutions.

CensusAccording to a statement released by Wilbur Ross, Jr. — the U.S. Secretary of Commerce — he is proud to supervise the U.S. Census Bureau. He also said that the Census Bureau is well on the way to gathering a complete 2020 Census.

Ross also believes that they are well on their way to gathering up the complete 2020 Census. At the beginning of August, the Bureau announced they will be ending their information gathering on Sept. 30, 2020.

To ensure every person living in the Nation or its five territories, the Census Bureau has ramped up its efforts. This year has been a trying year — with the COVID-19 pandemic— so the Census started a new way to fill out the necessary form.

The year 2020 is the first time the Bureau has used the internet to allow people to fill out their questionnaire. This coupled with their mailing and door-knocking efforts should allow them to gather more complete data.

Ross stated that though the “critics” believe that they are ending the data gathering early — he believes the Bureau has strengthened its previous decennial censuses. At this time the questionnaire has been able to gather information from over 100 million homes.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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