‘Knot’s Landing’ Star Kevin Dobson Dies at 77

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DobsonKevin Patrick Dobson, the actor who is best known for his role in Knot’s Landing passed away on Sept. 6, 2020. He 77 years old. Reports indicate his death occurred after a heart attack in Stockton, California.

Dobson leaves behind his wife, Susan, and their three children, Mariah, Patrick, and Sean.

He will be remembered for his thick commanding voice with a New York accent, for frequently playing a cop, and his slightly balding curly brown hair.

The actor joined the cast of “Knot’s Landing” as M. “Mack” Patrick Mackenzie, a federal prosecutor in Season 4, Episode 1. During his stint, he appeared in 291 episodes between 1982-1993.

Before his iconic role as Mack, Dobson played Det. Bobby Crocker in the TV series, “Kojak.” He played the sidekick and trusted partner for Telly Savalas’ character Lt. Theo Kojak. They gave audiences 117 episodes about hard-working cops out of the Manhatten South Precinct — 1973-78.

He and Savalas returned as Crocker and Kojak in the 1992 movie “Kojak: It’s Always Something.” However, in the film, they were District Attorney Crocker and Inspector Kojak.

IMDb recalls the relationship between Dobson and Savalas was close. Savalas, who took him under his wing when Dobson was 30. Their friendship lasted until Savalas’ death in 1994. He was also the best friend to Savalas’ children.

His acting career began in 1970 when he played three different parts in the TV series “The Doctors.” He was a doctor, an orderly, and a policeman.

Interestingly, the actor who often portrayed a lawman probably heard stories from his grandfather. He immigrated from Ireland and became a decorated New York Police officer.

Dobson served as an MP for the Army during the Vietnam era. He supports the United States veterans who often said:

If you love your country, thank a Vet.

By all appearances, he lived a full life, was a good man who loved his country.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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