NBC Faces Backlash for Hosting Trump Event Concurrent to Biden’s


NBC is facing massive amounts of backlash since they announced they will be hosting President Trump’s town hall — at the same time slot Joe Biden’s town hall. The company made this announcement on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020.

Both events are scheduled to start at 8 p.m. EST on Thursday, October 15th. Biden’s town hall will be hosted by the network ABC. The former Vice President announced his town hall on October 8th, after Trump declined to participate in a virtual debate with Biden.

Trump’s town hall event will be held in Miami, Florida. Biden will be hosting his event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The President chose against the face-to-face debate when they changed the platform to a virtual after he tested positive for COVID-19. Both sides were unable to agree to an alternate format.

According to NBC, the President plans on meeting with, “a group of Florida voters on critical issues impacting their vote less than three weeks before Election Day.” They further stated that Trump will be using this time as a debate replacement.

NBC acknowledged that the event will be held outside “at the Pérez Art Museum Miami.” Furthermore, they will be following “guidelines set forth by health officials and consistent with all government regulations.”

NBCThe network announced that NBC moderator Savannah Guthrie, Trump, and those in attendance will be practicing social distancing. They additionally stated that Dr. Anthony Fauci and clinical director at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Clifford Lane, have reviewed Trump’s case. They both have cleared Trump for the public appearance.

NBC said that both doctors are extremely confident that the president will “not shedding infectious virus.” ABC previously stated they will also be following all federal and state guidelines.

Sean Conley, Trump’s physician, recently announced that the President has tested negative for COVID-19. Conley did not release any specific details about the test. The White House has not released any information on whether Trump underwent further PCR testing.

Further testing will prove the President is truly COVID-19 free. Soon after NBC announced they will be hosting Trump’s event, they began to feel the backlash. Critics immediately took to social media saying #BoycottNBC.

Most people feel Trump should have chosen a different time to hold his event. On Wednesday, political analyst Jeff Greenfield was among the critics blasting NBC’s decision as “indefensible.” Greenfield’s tweet generated more than 80,000 likes by the afternoon.

Many famous people joined in the #BoycottNBC. Morgan Freeman tweeted, “ABC + Biden should move his event to 9PM TONIGHT,” followed with the hashtag.

Most people feel Trump and NBC should have shown better judgment than this.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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