Peter Berkowitz Senior Trump Official Tests Positive for COVID-19


A senior member of Trump’s administration has officially tested positive for COVID-19. Director of policy planning, Peter Berkowitz’s positive test results became public knowledge on Oct. 28, 2020.

Berkowitz recently returned to the United States from his trip to Europe. While he was in London, Berkowitz met with senior officials at the Foreign Office and 10 Downing Street. Earlier this month he met with officials in Paris and Budapest.

According to The Washington Post, an official stated that Berkowitz had been a bit lax on COVID-19 safety measures. The statement further stated that staff members at the U.S. Embassy expressed some concerns about him traveling during the pandemic.

A spokeswoman for the State Department has denied the claims made against Berkowitz’s safety measures. She stated that he used his mask and practiced social distancing guidelines throughout his trip.

British officials began being more selective about which American delegates enter their country. They recently postponed Elliot Abrams U.S. special envoy for Venezuela and Iran.

An official with the Hungarian Embassy stated that Berkowitz met with State Secretary Peter Sztaray and Deputy State Secretary Ferenc Dancs while he was in Hungary. He also participated in a roundtable discussion about how the U.S. sees Central Europe.

According to officials, both sides concluded that their “strategic goals are very much aligned regarding the region and our priorities.”

Berkowitz’s positive COVID-19 results prompted U.S. officials to announce the news between respective countries’ embassies in Washington, D.C., and their capitals. According to officials, Hungary has no complaints about Berkowitz’s conduct during his trip and they have not had any COVID-19 cases linked to his visit.

There has been a spike in COVID-19 cases throughout the U.S and Europe. This past weekend there have been at least five advisers or aides to Vice President Pence, who tested positive for the virus.

According to The Washington Post’s COVID-19 tracker, the U.S. has suffered a 20 percent increase in newly diagnosed cases over the past week. It further states there has been a 13 percent rise in hospitalizations and an 11 percent rise in daily deaths.

Please continue all federal and local guidelines to protect against contracting this deadly virus.

Written by Sheena Robertson


The Washington Post: Senior Trump official tests positive for coronavirus after trip to Europe by John Hudson

Top and Featured Image Courtesy of GPA Photo Archive’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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