Texas Woman Dies Aboard an Arizona Flight Due to COVID-19


Shocking reports about a woman dying will aboard an airplane destined to leave Arizona for Texas. At this time it is unclear whether or not the woman knew she was positive for COVID-19 at the time she boarded the aircraft.

According to reports the woman began having trouble breathing and was placed on oxygen before she passed away. A statement from Dallas County said the woman did have underlying high-risk medical conditions.

According to Judge Clay Jenkins — Democrat from Dallas County, Texas — the incident occurred three months ago. However, the county did not find out about her testing positive for COVID-19 until a couple of days ago.

“I would strongly encourage people to not think they’re invincible from COVID because they don’t think they’re in a high-risk category.”

At this time it is unclear which airline or Arizona airport was involved in this matter. Many regulations have been put into place since the pandemic started. These safeguards include temperature screenings for everyone flying and COVID-19 testing.

According to reports, the woman died on a domestic airline flight while the plane was sitting on the tarmac in Arizona. This information was confirmed by a spokesperson who spoke to People.

Due to pricy reasons, the woman’s prior health conditions have not been released. The woman’s death occurred on July 25, 2020. It was only discovered recently that the woman’s cause of death was due to COVID-19.

WomanEven though the virus has run rampant throughout the world the Transportation Security Administration has seen a rise in plane travel. According to a press release from the TSA, on Oct. 14, 2020, they screened over one million passengers. This is the highest number they have seen since the 17th of March.

The TSA further stated they had scanned at least 6.1 million people — at various checkpoints nationwide — between the days of October 12th and October 18th. A lot of airlines require their passengers to wear facemasks.

Some, like United Airlines and American Airlines, have offered their passengers various forms of COVID-19 testing. Scientists have been trying to find solutions to the effects of the virus. So far the best way to stave off contracting COVID is to follow all safety measures set in place.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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