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Joe Biden’s Victory Speech Filled With Love, Unity and Hope



President-Elect Joe Biden delivered his acceptance speech to America on Saturday, November 7, 2020. It was ladened with love, unity, and hope — feelings American citizens seem to lack under the current administration.

Character Was on the Ballot

President Trump’s term was filled with hate and division. His handling of the highest seat in the land was often described as unprecedented. Since the onset of his term, his legacy bore an Emperor and His New Clothes resemblance.

Trump surrounded himself with “yes” men and women — enablers afraid to tell him the truth. He regularly spoke directly to his base and spewed negativity. Not only did he fail to show empathy, but he also appeared to be incapable of it or able to apologize for even the smallest offenses.

Like the time he would not admit that he inadvertently called Tim Cook, Apple CEO, “Tim Apple” — even though the blunder was on tape. It was a harmless and minor mistake, yet Trump could not admit he made an error.

In true Trump fashion, he has not conceded and accepted the election results— that Biden won. However, that did not prevent Biden from delivering his victory speech. It also did not stop Biden from showing the difference in character between him and Trump. Biden graciously addressed all Americans and empathized with those that did not vote for him.

Truth and Hope Was on the Ballot

When Trump won as the 45th President of the United States, he immediately began to chip away at the truth. When the truth is present, it is the glue that binds Americans together. When it is absent, it can divide with a powerful force that people can not begin to find common ground. Thereby making it nearly impossible to unite those that are divided.

Trump coined the term fake news, which he uses cavalierly whenever he wants to discount accounts that are actually true. This attack on truth helped wedge Americans apart like never before.Biden

Trump began to refer to journalists as the enemy of the people. A move some feared was leading up to Trump, assuming the role of a dictator.

Journalists in communist countries fear retribution and reprisals for honestly reporting the news. For 240 years, America has had the luxury of democracy, but citizens quickly learned it is a luxury not to be taken for granted with the current administration.

CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, was banned by Trump from attending White House Press Conferences. He was accused of assaulting an intern during a press conference when she tried to take the microphone away while engaged in a contentious debate with Trump— but the video of the incident showed that was not the case.

Trump has hired and fired a number of press secretaries. He even limited the number of press conferences held to keep America informed. The world had never seen a U.S. President behave in this manner.

With Biden, there is an expectancy that the new press secretary will hold regular meetings and keep U.S. citizens informed.

Love Was on the Ballot

Trump unveiled America’s curtain of hatred and emboldened white supremacy groups. People were surprised to learn the heart of their friends, family members, and co-workers. It became more than Republican vs. Democrat. The political and racial temperature of the world went from warm to hot.

Over 75 million people voted for Biden, and a little more than 70 million voted to keep Trump in office.  Biden has his work cut out on unifying Americans. In his speech, Biden extended an olive branch to those who did not vote for him. Hopefully, it is enough to get Americans moving closer together.

It is no secret; there is a lot of unresolved historical issues concerning race. Racism has long been the 900-pound gorilla in the room. Systemic racism exists. However, the Trump administration refuses to admit it. The world witnessed it in 1965 as hundreds of Black people were beaten by Alabama law enforcement in Selma. It shocked the world and assisted in getting the Voting Rights Act passed.

Similarly, the COVID-19 pandemic forced citizens to sit down and watch how Black people were disproportionately affected by police brutality with the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others. The pandemic sheds light on the disparaging economic landscape plaguing Blacks. According to data through Oct. 13 from the APM Research Lab, 1 in 920 Black Americans died from COVID-19 compared to 1 in 1,360 Latinos and 1 in 1,840 White Americans.

During his victory speech, Biden acknowledged that Black people supported him and helped him gain office. Black people are looking to Biden to abolish discriminatory laws. They are looking for Biden to make a difference in how they are perceived and how they can sustain themselves economically. Biden told the Black community:

You’ve always had my back, and I’ll have yours.

Black people are looking for Biden to keep his promise.

Unity Was on the Ballot

In one 15 minute speech, Biden did what Trump has been incapable of doing in three and 1/2 years — promote unity, love, and hope — for all. As Biden, 77-years-old, ran out to give his victory speech, there was a pep in his step and love in his heart. Seeing and hearing Biden address the world dispelled feelings of exhaustion and fears of a revolution felt by many. There was a sigh of relief as Biden intentionally and deliberately reiterated his promise to be a president for all Americans.

CNN anchor Don Lemon, who is openly gay, admitted that he did not expect to be overwhelmed by Biden’s victory. Lemon said:

bidenI didn’t realize the PTSD that many marginalized people — that African-Americans, women, Latinos, people of color, all kinds of white people — are feeling around this country, because we have had whiplash from someone who only cares about himself and not uniting people.

Another CNN anchor, Van Jones, was also overwhelmed by the Biden win. He gave a tearful speech on-air, saying, “character matters.” He made mention that racism had become more overt and nastier since Trump was in office.

Prayerfully, a Short Road to Normalcy

The world is looking for things to go back to normal under the Biden administration. Trump vigorously tweeted about petty beefs he had with common citizens and major ordeals with world leaders. His tirades caused stress and anxiety for many Americans. This is the first, and hopefully, the last time a President of the United States handles affairs in this manner. His unorthodox antics led people to refer  to him as “Non-Presidential.”

Biden represents what Americans know as normal. An inherent decorum and stability level is expected to be brought back to the White House with Biden.  People will finally be able to get a good night’s sleep, and not worry about impromptu, unhinged tweets from the Commander in Chief during the middle of the night. People expect Biden to listen to scientists and facts, agree to disagree, and simply be a prudent adult. The majority of citizens voted for what they have been deprived of for the past three and 1/2 years — love, unity, and hope.

Hate is loud, but love endures and always wins in the end — Congratulations to President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris.

Opinion News by Sheree Bynum
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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