Kabul University Overtaken by Gunmen Dressed as Policemen Killing 19



Kabul University in Afghanistan was under attack by gunmen dressed in police uniforms on Monday, November 2, 2020. Nineteen people were reportedly killed, and 22 more are wounded.

The gunmen, appearing to be policemen, ambushed unsuspecting students and teachers while classes were in session. Students leaped out of second-floor windows and scaled walls to escape the vicious attack.

“Senior Afghan and Iranian officials to the sprawling campus, including Iranian Ambassador Bahador Aminian,” were present at a book fair held on campus on the day of the attack. It is unknown if any of the officials were injured or died.

Afghan reporters posted photographs of the aftermath and chaos. People taking cover in the midst of blood pools and tipped over chairs were on display.

The attack on Kabul University was claimed by the Islamic State, adding to the surge of recent violent acts. Last month a suicide bomber detonated a bomb outside an educational facility.

More than 20 people died during this feat, and ISIS took responsibility. ISIS also staked claim to an attack on judges, investigators, and other people who they allege rejected Islam.

Afghans are worried that if a peace agreement is not reached in Doha, the Taliban could seize power — especially with American and Nato forces withdrawing.

A Twitter user, Moheb Mudessir, posted:

The militant groups proved that they are afraid of knowledge and bright future for Afghan youths. Their dark ideologies can’t resist the light & educated youths won’t be their foot soldiers.

Surging violent attacks have overwhelmed medical facilities. People are frustrated and finding it hard to remain hopeful. A dozen children studying religion in school were killed in October after a mosque was targeted.

Despite the tense environment, Fawzia Koofi, a female Afghan negotiator, said they would continue to have peace talks.

Written by Sheree Bynum
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


NPR: At Least 19 People Are Killed In Attack On Kabul University

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of USAID Afghanstain’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License