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Week 16 of the NFL season started with a Christmas Day game between the Saints and the Vikings Friday, Dec. 25, 2020.

NFL: Friday Night Football Saints 52 — Vikings 33

The Saints running back  Alvin Kamara rushes for 155-yards and 6 touchdowns tied an NFL record for touchdowns in a single game. Kamara’s six touchdowns, along with Taysom Hill’s touchdown and a field goal by Will Lutz, give the Saints the victory. This win eliminates the Vikings from the playoff.

NFLNFL: Saturday Football Buccaneers 47 — Lions 7

Tom Brady moves the Bucs into the playoffs with a victory over the Detroit Lions. Brady’s four touchdowns put the Bucs in the playoffs for the first time in 13 years.

NFL: Saturday Football 49ers 20 — Cardinals 12

The San Francisco 49ers help the Chicago Bears out by defeating the Cardinals in an NFL Saturday game. Arizona miss two scoring opportunities when they fumbled the ball in the third quarter and when Kyler Murray was intercepted on a second and 11 passes from the 49ers 14-yard line. They are still in the hunt, but the Bears have been given the keys to the playoff with this loss.

NFL: Dolphins 26 — Raiders 25NFL

The Raiders’ playoff hopes are over, but their attempt to play spoiler to the Dolphins did not go as planned. The Raiders fumbled the ball in the closing seconds of the game, giving Miami the victory.

NFL: Chiefs 17 — Falcons 14

In a very low scoring game, the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes cliched the AFC to seed spot when he hits Demarcus Robinson on a 25-yard touchdown pass with 1:55 left in the game. The Raiders had an opportunity to tie the game on their next possession.

They moved the ball down the field to the Chiefs’ 21-yard line. On a fourth and five, the Raiders kicker Y. Koo missed a NFL39-yard field goal giving the Chiefs the victory.

NFL: Jets 23 — Browns 16

The Jets show their team pride by defeating the Browns and eliminating their chances at the number one pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Baker Mayfield fumbled the Browns’ chances to win the game and possibly a playoff spot on the Browns’ next possession.

NFL: Steelers 28 — Colts 24

Steelers end losing streak and clinch AFC North Division with victory over the Colts. The Colts needed to keep pace with the Titans in the AFC South.  Since the Titans’ loss to the Packers, the Colts are still in the game.

NFLNFL: Bears 41 — Jaguars 17

Jacksonville’s 13-game losing streak clinches for them the number one pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Not only did the Bears need to win this game to keep their playoff hopes alive, but they got a little help from the 49ers’ victory over the Cardinals on Saturday.

Knowing the Packers’ lack of love for the Bears, do not look for Aaron Rogers and the boys to sit this game out. It would give the Packers great pleasure to end the Bears 2020 season with a victory in week 17.

NFLNFL: Ravens 27 — Giants 13

The Baltimore Raven, with Sunday’s victory, controls their own destiny to the playoffs with ownership of the tiebreaker with the Colts and the Browns. All they need to do is win their last game with the Bengals to move them into the postseason.

NFL: Texans 31 — Bengals 27

Two teams that have nothing to play for but pride went against each other this week. Texans’ Deshaun Watson passed for 324-yards and 3 touchdowns to give the Texans the victory in week 16.

NFLNFL: Chargers 19 — Broncos 16

The Chargers dominate the first half and go in at half time winning 13-0. In the second half, the Chargers add two more field goals to seal the victory.

NFL: Panthers 20 — Washington 16

With two interceptions and a fumble, Washington did not help their cause against the Panthers. The Panthers scored three touchdowns in the first half to clinch the victory.

NFLNFL: Cowboys 37 — Eagles 17

The Cowboys needed this victory to keep pace with the Washington Football Team.

The NFC East is up for grabs, and week 17 will decide who walks away with the conference title. Andy Dalton passed for 377-yards, 3 touchdowns, and one NFLinterception.

NFL: Seahawks 20 — Rams 9

The Seahawks clinch the NFC West divisional title with a victory Sunday over the Rams.

Two field goals for each team was the total scoring power in the first half. In the second half, the Seahawks could score two touchdowns to put the game out of reach.

NFL: Packers 40 — Titans 14

The packers have already clinched the NFC North title and are now playing for home-field advantage in the playoffs. Aaron Rogers passed for 231-yards, 4 touchdowns, and one interception.

NFL: Monday Night Football – Bills38 — Patriots 9

The Bills are still playing for a playoff spot while it is clear that the Patriots are clearing out their lockers for the year. After a Zack Moss five-yard touchdown run in the second quarter, the Bills never looked back. Cruising to a 29-point victory on Monday Night Football.

Written by Omari Jahi
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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