Alabama Hit by Tornado Causing Severe Damage and Death

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Alabama was hit by a tornado that caused severe damage and death. On Monday, Jan. 25, 2021, the tornado’s effects killed a teenage boy and injured approximately 30 others.

A tree fell on the teen’s home, causing the home to collapse, which caused his untimely death.  Some family members were severely injured and sought immediate medical attention.

According to Jefferson County Superintendent Walter Gonsoulin, the teenager killed was a 14-year-old ninth-grade student. The Superintendent also stated other students likely lost their homes, and the high school was severely damaged.

The tornado left a 10-mile tract of debris from Fultondale in Jefferson County just eight miles north of Birmingham, Alabama, to Cedar Point. This area also sustained a larger tornado a decade ago that caused severe damage.

The Alabama Weather Service reported high wind speeds from the tornado were at 135 mph.

Fultondale Alabama Fire Chief Justin McKenzie said 18 of the 30 people injured were admitted to the hospital, and the six people that were trapped were rescued.

Injuries sustained from the tornado range from minor to severe, per James Coker, the Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency director.

AlabamaMany homes and buildings were damaged in the tornado, including a Hampton Inn hotel that sustained structural damage. Guests were taken by bus to another hotel.

In pictures captured from the scene, it looks as if the entire third floor of a motel was demolished per

EMA sent a message via Twitter that all schools will be closed Tuesday for traditional and remote learning. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey also tweeted that she is grieved over the loss of life, injuries, homes, and damaged businesses. She said she is sending prayers and deepest sympathies. She further pledges full support and resources the state has to offer.

Alabama has recovered previously, and the expectancy is that recovery will happen again while providing needed resources to those impacted by the tornado.

By Teleza Rodgers
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


USA TODAY: ‘Like a bomb went off’: 1 dead, at least 30 injured after tornado rips through parts of Alabama By Doyle Rice

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