Kenosha Police Officer Not Charged in Jacob Blake’s Shooting [Video]

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Kenosha, Wisconsin prosecutors on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021, decided not to file criminal charges against the Kenosha police officer in the shooting of Jacob Blake in August 2020.

KENOSHABlake who is a Black man was shot seven times in the back in front of his three sons by a White police officer Rusten Sheskey who claimed he was in fear for his life. When a person is moving away from a situation then fear began to decrease the farther that person gets, but when that person takes the opposite approach, then it could be accepted that one was in fear of their life.

Blake’s shooting was videotaped and the video clearly shows Kenosha police officers with guns drawn following Blake to his Suv where his three young boys were in the back seat. Blake was shot seven times in the back and the justice system could not see the wrong in the police actions.

Michael Gravely, Kenosha’s District Attorney stated:

[I] would have to disprove the clear expression of these officers that they had to fire a weapon to defend themselves. I do not believe the state would be able to prove that the privilege of self-defense is not available.

NBA players refused to play games from Aug 26 thru 28. Over 100 NBA employees walked out in protest of this shooting. 14 MLB games were not played due to players outrage and protest

Several days after the shooting large protest took place in Kenosha where over 250 protesters were arrested.

The attorney for the Blake family Ben Crump stated his disdain with the Kenosha District Attorney’s decision saying:

[This] further destroys trust in our justice system and sends a message that it is OK for police to abuse their power.

Crump feels that the residents of the Kenosha community are also victims here. And their protest and demands for justice fell upon deaf ears as usual. Someone should really make note of these cities and states that seem to conduct a blind eye justice system when it comes to black men and women in this country.

LeBron James spoke out from the NBA Bubble when this happened and responded to the decision Tuesday with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King:

An unjust law is no law at all

The time is coming when black men and women of means will come to the conclusion that creating and developing Black gated communities where private security of their choosing are hired can be an alternative to asking for justice. Where Not Wanted signs are posted asking the city’s police to stay out. That will put a stop to White on Black crime.

Keep a listing of cities and states that enforce the law in this manner. Documentation beats a conversation every day.

Opinion by Omari Jahi


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