Kyrie Irving Ready to Play for Nets After Harden Acquisition [Video]

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The Brooklyn Nets won their first game Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021, against the Orlando magic with their new acquisition James Harden. The NBA’s 2018 MVP expressed that he was extremely happy to win the game, but admits that the team remains incomplete until Kyrie Irving returns.

Irving currently is undergoing the mandatory quarantine obligation required before he can be allowed to return back to the team. Irving affectionately called “uncle Drew” is believed to have gotten out of shape after missing six games.

Head coach of the Nets Steve Nash wants to get Irving back into the fold but has concerns about him being able to get his usual playing minutes. In Nash’s report to the New York Post he said:

We have to assess that as we go. We do want to make sure he ramps accordingly so that he’s not susceptible to unnecessary injury and protect him the best we can. But hopefully, it will be a short period of time. That is to be determined, though.

Irving has not explained his reason for the six-game absence and the Nets are giving him time to explain himself at his convenience. With the assumption that Irving clears COVID-19 protocols, Irving was expected to play his first game Monday against the Bucks.

The Nets take on a two-game series with the Cleveland Cavaliers  Wednesday and Friday.

Written by Omari Jahi


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