Chicago Burger Place Offers Controversial Delta 8 Products

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Kumas Corner — a burger place in Chicago, Illinois — has added Delta 8 infused products onto their menu. On April 20, 2021, Kumas Corner surprised their dine-in guests when they introduced Delta-8-THC edibles. After the restaurant ran a short trial run — nine days — they decided to announce the new menu items to the public.

The Chicago burger place has been pushing the envelope ever since they opened in 2005. So of course the company that enjoys going against the grain is going to put Delta 8 products on its menu. A person must be at least 21 years old to purchase these products.

ChicagoPeople can purchase D-8 enhanced pre-rolled hemp joints or D8 infused products like their house-made mayo, vegan gummy Kuma bears, mocktails, and chocolate. These products are offered at Kumas Corner’s Avondale, West Loop, and Schaumburg locations.

According to the Chicago restaurant’s website, they take their patron’s “safety seriously.” They further state, “We’ve done extensive research and instated protective policies and will be able to give you educated answers to all of your questions.”

No one will be served more than 50mgs of Delta-8 while dining in the Chicago restaurant. However, they may purchase as much as they want to take home with them.

Marijuana and hemp-based products have been a huge success in Illinois. It only makes sense for the industry to escape dispensaries and spill into cafes, restaurants, and bars. What better place to test this theory out on than a Chicago burger place.

Consumers of the Delta-8 products will start to feel relaxed and euphoric within 25 to 40 minutes after consumption. A person could possibly fail a drug test due to using these products. Delta-8 may cause one to get the munchies.

The Chicago-based restaurant has a “Rock” theme in all of its locations. They blast Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music and named all menu products after bands. Those who have dined in one of their locations have stated their food is delicious.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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