Conan O’Brien Smokes a Joint With Seth Rogan Live on Show [Video]

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This week Conan O’Brien is set to end his show — “Conan” — after being on TBS for 11 years. On Tuesday’s — June 22, 2021 — episode of the late-night host’s show his guest was Seth Rogan. During the first few moments of Rogan being on stage with him, O’Brien stated he was about to have some free time on his hands. He asks the actor if he had any suggestions on what to do.

The actor and cannabis proprietor — Rogan owns Houseplant with Evan Goldberg — suggested that O’Brien “tries smoking a lot of weed for a long time.” He then busts out laughing.

Rogan then stated to the TV host that he seemed “like someone who doesn’t smoke a lot of weed.” To which the host admitted that he does not.

I don’t smoke any weed and that’s not a judgment… I enjoy my lucidity.

O'BrienO’Brien continued chatting away with Rogan about the subject. The host states that he “doesn’t;t have a problem with people smoking pot. It seems to be a fine herb.” This statement makes Rogan laugh and say, “if it’s ever a sign that you don’t smoke weed; it’s that you called it a fine herb.”

The TV host admits that he had tried smoking marijuana in the past. However, he felt like the cannabis had no effect on him. O’Brien then asks his guest if he had any suggestions on a kind he should try. Rogan answers this by reaching into his shirt pocket and pulling out a joint and hands it to O’Brien.

“Conan” is taped in California where recreational marijuana is legal.

O’Brien takes the joint from Rogan as the audience cheered. He then says, “I swear to God this is how lame I am. For a second I thought he brought a birthday candle.”

Then the TV host smells the joint and says, “This is no birthday candle.” Rogan then tells him not to smoke the joint now. “Or do, this would be a great weird show.” O’Brien’s response was “What are they going to do to me?” Then asks for a lighter.

Rogan and the show’s co-host, Andy Richter, then join him in taking a hit from the joint.

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Yahoo!: Seth Rogen got Conan O’Brien to smoke a joint on TV during his last week on TBS; by Kyle Moss

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