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For the past eighteen years, Britney Spears has been under a conservatorship. In recent months, the singer has fought back against the conservatorship that has restricted her ability to make decisions for herself. On Wednesday, July 14, 2021, Spears is speaking out once again in hopes of regaining back her independence.

Who Is Involved In The Conservatorship?

Several people are part of the performer’s conservatorship. Among those people are the singer’s father, Jamie Spears, a personal fiduciary and care professional, Jodi Montgomery, her court-appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham, and the wealth management firm, Bessemer Trust. While the performer’s father remains the head of the conservatorship, all of the names listed play a significant role in the singer’s life. However, Bessemer Trust recently pulled out of the agreement because they were unaware that the singer wanted to end her conservatorship.

As for everyone else, the singer has noted that both Ingham and her father are a large part of the singer’s dissatisfaction. Among the names, the performer has noted that she trusts Montgomery, and her current lawyer has even attempted to make Montgomery the permanent person over the conservatorship.


What Lead To This Hearing?

Furthermore, this is only the second hearing the singer has had. There was a previous hearing on June 23, 2021, where the star could argue for her father to be removed from the conservatorship. The singer cited that her conservatorship for the past thirteen years has been incredibly abusive. Unfortunately, the judge did not rule in favor of the star and instead suggested Spears try to end her entire conservatorship at her July 14 hearing.

However, during her previous hearing, the singer revealed that she had been forced to perform, take lithium, and continue taking birth control for the duration of her conservatorship. In addition, Spears cited that if she told her parents she was scared, they would send nurses’ to monitor her. Overall, what led the star to fight to end her conservatorship was Judge Brenda J. Penny and her own desire to control her own life.

Public Support And Final Thoughts

Furthermore, the singer has received lots of public support, even from her co-conservator, Jodi Montgomery. Just a few weeks ago, Spears’ attorney resigned to support her decision to retire. Beyond Celebrities and public figures, the performer has sparked protests around the world and even had her own hashtag trending on Twitter. Whether she is aware of it or not, dozens of people cheer Spears on from behind the scenes. The final decision, however, will be made by Judge Penny.

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