RV Sales Are Still Booming


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of businesses and facilities to close down or close permanently. However, RV dealers and manufacturers are surprised sales of Recreational Vehicles have been booming. According to Go RVing, shipments for the year 2020 finished off at 430,412 units. These sales surpassed 2019 by six percent, despite having to shut down for two months.

Latest projections predict 2021 RV shipments surpassing last year’s sales by 33.8 percent. As a result, experts believe travelers will purchase around 576,065 to 586,281 units. The 2020 year-to-end RV shipments totaled out at 430 412 units. If the sales rate continues in 2021, they could be looking at a 14.1 percent gain over its current, comparable record made in 2017 at 504,600 units sold.

RVWith people becoming more interested in traveling and strong RV sales, the Recreation Vehicle industry is booming. More individuals are looking towards traveling as a way to break from the monotony COVID-19 has brought upon their lives. Recreation Vehicles give travelers more freedom and an awesome way to see the great outdoors, all from the comfort of a home-like situation.

Many choose to take their rigs to campgrounds and parks to bust away from their city lives. Some even choose to travel around the United States to see all its great wonders. This has caused many RV campgrounds, resorts, and national parks to see a rise in lot bookings.

According to ITR Economics, the RV sales forecast is based on three main factors:

  • OEM plans to expand capacity;
  • Relief from supply constraints;
  • And a robust consumer demand that outpaces deficient inventory levels.

Reports from ITR Economics say that their systems indicate there is a continued rise in rig sales. This creates positive conditions for RV shipments to reach record levels.

Nearly 11.2 million households own a Recreation Vehicle. This number is 62 percent higher than the 6.9 million people recorded to own one in 2001. It is also 26 percent higher than the 8.9 million households recorded in 2011.

According to data from Ipsos,  starting in June 2020, roughly 46 million — 18 percent — U.S. citizens began planning to travel in an RV within the next 12 months. Meaning that one out of four Americans is planning to travel in a Recreation Vehicle within the year.

Around 13 percent of these travelers plan to rent an RV, with 12 percent interested in visiting a dealer for their rig information. Around 18 percent are planning to check out Recreation Vehicles online.

Ipsos’ survey further indicates that 20 percent of campers are more interested in RVs as a way to recreational travel.

Campers and travelers do not all experience the same thing while out on their adventures. They only have as much fun as they allow themselves to. Not everything will go as planned. However, it is pretty much guaranteed they will have a great time exploring the nation and seeing the beautiful outdoors as they go.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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