‘Squid Game’ Takes Over October as Halloween Approaches

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“Squid Game” is one of Netflix’s fastest-rising shows when it comes to popularity, and others are looking to benefit from this opportunity. As a result, Halloween costumes related to the hit show are in high demand.

Since its initial release on the Netflix platform on Sept. 17, 2021, and after hitting No. 1 in 90 different countries, the South Korean show has become the talk of television for the past few weeks, sparking conversation and giving us countless memes on social media.

When most people think of October, they recall Halloween. That means all month, there will be costumes needed for parties and on the 31st for Trick or Treating. Everyone will be dressing up as their favorite characters.

As of October 2, searches for “Squid game” or “Squid Game Costume” reached a new high. With 2,000 results already found in Google’s search engine, the show looks to make a little more money expected.

Squid Game
Courtesy of Steven Leung (Flickr CCO)

Halloween costumes related to the “Squid Game” characters like the game’s contestants and Squid Guards are becoming the most popular trend for Halloween. TikTokers have posted step-by-step instruction videos on how a person, their friends, and family, even their pet can dress like the different characters on the show. Instagram users are doing the same, posting their themed outfits with the hashtag #SquidGameCostume.

With Halloween around the corner, companies that sell clothing and costumes are also taking advantage of the profitable opportunity. Amazon has cashed in with many different outfits; they even have the creepy Mugunghwa doll in stock. Another large company set to cash in on the trend is Walmart, where people will soon be able to buy tee-shirts based on “Squid Game.”

Written by Daylontie Jasper
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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Images Courtesy of Steven Leung’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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