Phalanx Halloween Event Promotes Family Fun and Friendship

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Screenshot of Video by TNS Staff

A free Halloween party was sponsored by Phalanx Family Services for the West Pullman community. It was a celebration of love and friendship on a rainy day in Chicago.

Screenshot of Video by TNS Staff

During the Halloween event, they offered vaccines, free candy, food, and different resources.

The Halloween party was packed with fun and surprises designed for all ages with colorful costumes, games, raffles, and free COVID vaccines. Pandemic protocols were still in place, with everyone wearing masks. social distancing.

Over 100 children attended the event. Children and adults showed off their Halloween costumes: a deck of cards, a Chuckie doll, beautiful butterfly construction workers, astronauts, and some dressed in military attire. The youth department head put together the crayon box, and the people who work there are the crayons.

There were no tricks, just all treats with lots of candy, tacos, hot cocoa, hot cider, and more. There was a DJ to energize the event and entertain the crowd. Everyone enjoyed the live music.

Screenshot of Video by TNS Staff

During the Halloween party, Phalanx offered programs for youth, adults, and seniors. In addition, those looking for a job were encouraged to take advantage of the agency’s resources such as the computer lab and internet.

Tina Sanders spoke about the Phalanx community services that are available to the community. She explains Phalanx Family Services is unique because its organization is built on love and relationship. Speaking of the staff’s combined years of service, Sanders added:

“They have over 300 years of friendship that flow through Phalanx, which is something that you cannot hire people to do. It is something that is groomed out of love. When you groom out of love, you spread love.”

Written by Janet Grace Ortigas
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


Phalanx Family Services: Halloween Event; by The News School Media Team


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