Republicans and Their Propaganda Machines Attempt Repeal of 1st Amendment

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Courtesy of Blink O’fanaye (Flickr CC0)

Fake Republicans and their propaganda machines continue to increase their lies while attempting to repeal the First Amendment.

January 6, 2021, Kyle Rittenhouse, Black Lives Matter, the 2020 Election, the 2016 election: each of these contains enormous lies and disastrous ramifications for America’s future:

  • Fact: the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, was an attempted coup, planned and organized by a sitting, illegitimate president.
  • Fact: Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer. One of his victims was shot in the back.
  • Fact: Black Lives Matter is an organization founded on peaceful, non-violent principles.
  • Fact: The only fraud discovered by extensive and intensive investigations about the 2020 election involved Trump supporters.
  • Fact: Proof exists that the 2016 election was a fraud. Vladamir Putin and Donald Trump colluded to win the Electoral College.

Each of these is based on facts and cannot be denied by anyone with common sense. However, Trump and the right-wing media continue to live in denial. Sadly, millions of Americans believe them and refuse to accept the truth.

To this day Fox’s fake journalists call the many protests against murders by cops, based on pervasive racist beliefs, “riots,” and the failed coup on January 6th a “protest.” This is the most egregious effort to mislead the American people in their pitiful 25 years of telling lies to their ignorant viewers.

Courtesy of Susan Melkisethian (Flickr CC0)

Black Lives Matter is critical to the future of America. The government refuses to admit that the entire judicial system is a failure. Pervasive racism exists not only in law enforcement, but also in the court system, military, and workplace.

Protests are mandatory if any change is to come. The core of the BLM movement is making change through peaceful action. However, neo-Nazi groups continue attempts to create chaos and violence by infiltrating what began as non-violent demonstrations.

Trump continues his biggest lie, that there was massive voter fraud in the 2020 election. The small percentage discovered, after multiple recounts, and court cases, were efforts by Trump voters to vote more than once. Just as he did in 2016, Trump encouraged interference in 2020, knowing that the polls were accurate, and he would probably lose.

After years of investigation into the 2016 election, it has been confirmed that not only did Putin interfere in our most sacred process, Trump was fully aware of his efforts. Contrary to government reports, it did make a difference and is the only reason Trump won the Electoral College. Russian efforts on social media resulted in a lower vote in the three states which gave Trump his illegitimate victory: Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Trump, the Trump Party, and right-wing propaganda machines including Fox and News Max lie constantly and create baseless conspiracy theories.

The greatest enemy of a liar is the truth. Every day since Trump has been out of office, Americans learn something new about how dangerous and vile his administration was over four very long years.

Republicans have proven that they oppose democracy and have embraced fascism to protect the plutocracy they have been putting in place since 1981. All right-wing politicians have become the enemy. It is the truth. They have chosen to ignore hundreds of millions of people. Their loyalty belongs to special interests, and their own wallets and ambitions.

Op-ed by James Turnage

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Blink O’fanaye’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of Susan Melkisethian’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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