Is Gov. Youngkin Planning to Replicate 1930s Germany in Virginia?

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Courtesy of Glenn Youngkin (Flickr CC0)

Before he became Virginia’s governor, most Americans had never heard about Glenn Youngkin. That is no surprise, it is a big country. However, now everyone knows too much about the man. Many people are convinced that Youngkin is a Nazi, and is trying to remake Virginia into a model of 1930s Germany.

He is obviously a racist. His first action as governor was to forbid teachers to discuss any aspect of critical race theory. There is little doubt that he will add the Holocaust to his censorship list of “no no’s.”

His most fascist action to date came about a week ago. Youngkin set up a tip line where parents can report any teacher who dares to inform his or her class about any “divisive” subject. Does he want to hear people say, Heil Youngkin!? He is creating his own Gestapo.

This situation is, of course, deplorable, but it is another example of the Donald Trump Effect. Before the Electoral College chose the worst president in history, Youngkin and millions of other white supremacists were too cowardly to come from under their rocks. Now that they have a leader and his political party supporting them, they want to remove democracy once and for all and put in its place a fascist regime, with Trump as the country’s first dictator.

His party has moved so far to the right in their political beliefs, they follow Trump without challenging his plans for the nation. They, too, would shred the Constitution.

Courtesy of Glenn Youngkin (Flickr CC0)

Younkin is a clone. He is exactly like Governors Gregg Abbott, Ron DeSantis, Brian Kemp, and others who are a danger to the people of their states and the future of an entire nation.

The people of Virginia are fighting back. Several parents and teacher’s groups have combined to form the Virginia Parent Teacher Association. They requested Youngkin rescind his executive order forbidding the teaching of Critical Race Theory. They also pleaded with him to shut down his fascist tip line.

The groups said that they agreed with Youngkin’s order calling for teaching students the “entirety of our history — both good and bad;” however, they said that the existing state curriculum “already meets the definition of non-divisive,” according to WTOP News.

“No existing Standard of Learning is intended to teach children that one race is superior or inferior to another. Recognizing difficult moments in our nation’s past is not, in itself, divisive,” the groups’ statement said.

It is very likely that Youngkin will ignore their requests. He is another egomaniacal fake Republican who believes he knows more than everyone else. He will not serve the people of Virginia, he will rule over them. Youngkin will listen to some of the Loudin County parents who share his belief in white supremacy. This has been the area most affected by loud and unruly school board meetings.

History will detail how great the damage Trump created in four years was, and that much of it is completely irreparable.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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Images Courtesy of Glenn Youngkin’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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