Donald Trump’s Mafia Begins to Crumble

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Donald Trump’s mafia is beginning to crumble. His illegitimate presidency not only negatively changed the country and revealed what was hidden from the American people for more than 40 years. The Republican Party, the once Grand Old Party, no longer exists. Today, those who call themselves Republicans have looked for a leader like Trump for decades.

They found someone without morals, someone who hates democracy, a white supremacist, a malignant narcissist who can be easily manipulated and lacks an average level of intelligence ruled by emotion and not concerned with intelligent thought. More importantly, they were fully aware that Trump is a tool carefully groomed for decades by Vladimir Putin.

There was only one problem. The man selected by Putin was too vile, too egotistical, and less intelligent than anyone knew. He quickly became the most hated man in the world. The turnout for the 2020 election was historic. Voters were casting their ballots against Trump as much as for Joe Biden.

What is happening in Ukraine is the direct result of Trump’s failure to win reelection in November of 2020. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed an interest in joining NATO. When reelected, Trump was ordered to remove the United States from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, virtually destroying its long-standing alliance; most importantly, Article Five — an attack on one ally will be considered an attack on all allies.

Courtesy of Anna Beswick (Flickr CC0)

Putin’s long-time plan for world domination was foiled. In an act of both anger and desperation, he decided in January of this year to force Ukraine’s return to the former USSR.

Now, with Trump’s “mafia” falling apart, turning on each other, and removing their support for the “big lie,” Putin is exposing what we expected for years: he is truly a madman and is totally unpredictable.

Once again, this is something the government has known for a very long time. Trump’s illegitimate presidency was the success of a plan created by Putin in 1987 and finalized in Moscow in 2013.

Trump followed Putin’s orders exactly. First, he divided the country’s people. Second, he built his own “mafia” army, a Gestapo, composed of Neo-Nazis and other hate groups who value their guns and racist beliefs more than human life. Third, Trump followed Adolf Hitler’s philosophy of “tell lies often enough, and the people will eventually accept them as fact.”

He alienated the United States’ closest and oldest and longest allies intentionally and maintained relationships with Kim Jong-un, Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman, and of course his mentor, Putin.

Ending relationships with core members of NATO was in preparation for Trump’s second term. Removing America’s participation in the organization, which has prevented a third world war for more than 75 years, would change the power dynamics throughout the world. A more powerful country could invade any nation, and leaders of other nations in the area would be required to make a serious and difficult decision.

Trump’s circle has been broken, and if two laws are enforced, Trump will not be allowed to run for office again. He disappointed his handler, and the world is paying the price. Ukraine is just the beginning.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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