Trump and His Party Continue to Support Vladimir Putin’s War Crimes

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Trump, other members of his party, and Fox’ Tucker Carlson continue their support for Vladimir Putin’s illegal and immoral invasion of Ukraine. They continue to ignore war crimes committed against the people of Ukraine, and focus on Trump’s Constitutional violation which resulted in his first impeachment. Trump asked President Zelenskyy to “do him a favor,” and find any “dirt” on Hunter Biden which might aid his reelection campaign. Nothing has changed.

Trump is now asking his mentor, Vladimir Putin, to look for the non-existent “dirt.”

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Trump cited a 2020 claim by Senate Republicans that Hunter, President Joe Biden’s son, received a $3.5 million payment in 2014 from a Russian oligarch. The younger Biden has denied the claim and neither Senate Republicans nor Trump have ever provided evidence indicating such a payment would have been corrupt or illegal, according to CNN.

How much longer will the mainstream media cover the same old lies which have never been supported by one offer of proof? Trump has lost every court case, including from his own, stacked, Supreme Court.

In support of its Fuhrer, his party continues its desperate efforts to protect the worst man in the world. Here is your Tuesday chuckle.

Oklahoma’s Republican Representative, Markwayne Mullin, introduced a resolution to expunge Trump’s first impeachment.

It would officially, according to a single document, never have happened. Mullin is doing this because he told Fox News, Democrats were “manipulating a perfect phone call with a vulnerable nation” for their “political gain.”

Republicans are allowed to make up anything to protect Trump. Once again, thanks to mainstream media.

No American should forgive Moscow Mitch McConnell for refusing to give Trump a fair trial after either impeachment. With his refusal to allow new evidence or witnesses in Trump’s first trial, he gave Trump permission to continue violating the Law of the Land. He did just that by organizing a failed coup on January 6.

Moscow Mitch and his fellow Republican Senators are guilty of aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States of America, and section three of the 14th amendment prevents them from running for political office again.

Sadly, if one holds a political office in Washington, in any of the three branches, the Constitution does not apply to them. Not once in the author’s lifetime has a sitting president, a member of the House or Senate, or a Justice of the Supreme Court been punished for acts of sedition, treason, or one of their many felonies. They protect their own.

The nation will end if term limits for the legislative and judicial branches are not imposed. With great power comes even greater corruption. The nation will never have a fair election as long as the Electoral College chooses our president, ignoring the rights of every voter in America. When just one vote becomes ignored, the election has become invalid.

In the state of Nevada, the author’s vote was invalid in 2000 when he voted for Al Gore. The state’s electoral votes went to Bush — 43rd president. In 2016 and 2020, anyone who called themselves a “Republican” and voted for Trump, was ignored. The state’s electoral votes in 2016 were given to Hillary Clinton, and to Joe Biden in 2020.

However, in 2000 Al Gore won the national popular vote, and this fact was repeated for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and for Joe Biden in 2020.

The lies about Ukraine and Hunter Biden, and the “big lie” after the 2020 election, would never have happened if every vote counted and the people chose the man or woman who would lead America for the next four years.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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