Will Trump Receive Help From Russia Again in 2024?

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Donald Trump could not have won the Electoral College in 2016 without the assistance of Vladimir Putin. Russian agents were involved in the 2020 election but a record voter turnout focused on evicting Trump from the White House, succeeded in saving America’s democracy.

Although Trump has not announced his candidacy for 2024, Russia’s state news agency is planning to support its “favorite son” once again.

Host Evgeny Popov says it’s time for the Russian people to call on Americans to change “the regime in the U.S.” before its term expires “and to again help U.S. partner Trump to become President.”

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The question is, “Are you willing to allow America’s biggest traitor, whose loyalty is to Vladimir Putin, to once again defile the White House?”

If anyone had any doubt about my allegations that Trump and Putin began a relationship in Moscow in 1987 and completed their plans to steal the 2016 election in 2013 when Trump returned to Moscow with the Miss Universe Pageant, as described by the Christopher Steele dossier, one must face reality. This statement from Putin’s personal propaganda machine just admitted that Putin lied when he claimed no involvement in the last two elections.

Trump and Moscow Mitch McConnell protected Putin from any form of punishment for what can only be called a declaration of war, for four years. The orange bully continues to serve his handler. Trump was not an “American” president, he was an agent for the Russian government.

This was not the first time the Russian media admitted how closely Trump and Putin are related.

Back in 2021, during his TV show The Evening With Vladimir Soloviev, the host pined for the return of his favorite American president: “Things were so good under Trump… Listen to Trumpushka.” After playing a clip of Trump’s interview with Sean Hannity, wherein the former president dismissed the idea of helping Ukraine fight off Russian aggression, Soloviev sighed: “[He is] so sorely missed.”

Anyone who voted for Trump is either a fool or a traitor to the country. Trump’s mission was to destroy the nation of the founding fathers and replace the government with a fascist regime with Trump as the nation’s first dictator. But don’t be fooled, Putin would be in control of every action by Trump and the Russo-American Party which sits on the right side of the aisle in the Capitol Building.

In the very near future, a full investigation into Trump and his party will reveal many more men whose loyalty is not to the people of America. There is ample evidence that Moscow Mitch, Ted Cruz, Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Ron Johnson, and others are indebted to Putin for a variety of reasons.

The author constantly claims that the government is the most corrupt in the world. He has no doubt today. The events over the last five years prove that all three branches of the government need reform.

The biggest problem with the executive branch presents a simple solution: repeal the Electoral College. Every vote should count, and as long as the EC exists, the presidential elections will be decided by the states.

The legislative branch is a disaster. 90 percent of the men and women in the House and Senate are unfit for office. After Moscow Mitch created the “party of no,” the government became completely dysfunctional. The legislature is too old, too male, and too white, failing to represent today’s America. Once again, a single, logical change will save the dreams of the founding fathers: term limits. This has proven to be successful for presidents and is even more important for congress.

The judicial branch is the biggest failure of all. What was intended to be the only branch not controlled by politics, is now primarily concerned with serving the party which appointed them. People must eliminate lifetime appointments. Once again, term limits would save the integrity of what was once the most respected Court in the world.

Trump and Putin will be linked forever by historians. No president in history was so soft on one of the nation’s greatest enemies. Now we know why.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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