Fiona Hill Is Hated by the Right Because She Told the Truth

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Right-wing politicians and their propaganda machines, Fox News, Newsmax, and others, share a single enemy and it scares the holy hell out of them. It is called “the truth.” And sadly for the enemies on the right-wing, “the truth lives here.”

You might remember Fiona Hill, former policy adviser to Donald Trump. She is a former official at the U.S. National Security Council specializing in Russian and European affairs. She was a witness in the November 2019 House hearings regarding the impeachment inquiry during the first impeachment of Trump.

Recently, Trump was livid after Hill made a statement about his effort to overthrow the government on Jan, 6. She said, “Trump pulled a Putin.” Hill went on to say that as Trump’s administration lagged on, his policies and actions became alarmingly similar to those of Putin.

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Putin altered the Russian constitution to allow him to serve longer terms. Trump wanted to do the same. In an interview with the New York Times, Ms. Hill had this to say about Trump’s ambitions.

“He would constantly tell world leaders that he deserved a redo of his first two years,” because, “He would say that his first two years had been taken away from him because of the ‘Russia hoax.’ And he’d say that he wanted more than two terms.”

“I saw the thread,” she told Draper. “The thread connecting the Zelensky phone call to Jan. 6. And I remembered how, in 2020, Putin had changed Russia’s Constitution to allow him to stay in power longer. This was Trump pulling a Putin.”

Trump revealed that he wanted to have powers equal to those of Hungary’s dictator, Viktor Orban, who could stay in power as long as he wished with no “checks and balances.”

Can you say “fascism?”

It’s way past the time when Trump is dismissed as a legitimate political figure. Without question, he is a malignant narcissist and unfit to hold any position in our government. It is now obvious that he should have been removed from office during his first year with the use of the 25th amendment to the Constitution. His lies are unacceptable and must be reported for what they are. Any fake journalist who wastes his or her time asking him questions has a responsibility to face him and tell him that when he lies, he becomes even more insignificant. A little truth would send Trump into a rage, and the end of the worst man in the world would be a little closer.

It would be very beneficial for our nation’s future if every news agency, fake or real, refused to allow Trump time in front of the cameras. He would disappear in months, and our country would be better for it.

It would be great for our country if we had more women and men in Washington like Ms. Hill. Personal ambitions, feelings, and opinions do not belong inside the Capitol building. Following the law, serving the needs of the majority, and doing the right thing should be the rule for everyone who works in our federal, state, and local governments.

Change can come, and come quickly. Term limits for our legislative and judicial branches would end longevity. It is not respectable for anyone in government to become a “professional politician.” “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The government of the United States of America proves this quote is 100 percent accurate.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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