Corruption in US Federal Government

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I write many stories about corruption in our nation’s federal government, and sadly I am right about every one of them.

In 1945, Congress approved President Harry Truman’s decision to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children when they approved the use of atomic bombs against the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki residing in the nation of Japan.

Although Truman’s controversial decision is not by definition “corruption,” it demonstrates the dangers which can occur when one person is given absolute power by a relatively small number of men and women in our nation’s capital, and the people of our country are not involved in that decision.

The reason for the mass corruption which exists in our government today belongs to a single fact: America’s billion-dollar corporations pay legislators to vote for their wishes through the employment of lobbyists.

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I do not understand why lobbies are allowed to exist. Working-class Americans do not have lobbyists in Washington, and because we cannot afford them, is this not a violation of the 14th amendment, which requires equal protection under the law? “The truth lives here and because lobbies exist corruption is rampant in Washington.

Republicans’ tax cuts for the super-rich are permanent and the working class is paying for their purchase of another mansion. The average annual premium for Americans insured by the Affordable Care Act increased by $1990 after a Republican-Dominated Congress approved Trump’s gift to his wealthy friends.

The national debt rose by $1.9 trillion dollars. Republicans plan to pay for it by cutting social security benefits.

The pharmaceutical companies, known as “big pharma,” received $50 billion in tax incentives under the Republicans’ tax plan. They continue to raise prices on life-saving drugs. They are also guilty of encouraging doctors to increase the sale of opioids, which remains a major crisis, responsible for the lives of more than 50,000 Americans each year. The average contribution to Republican candidates’ campaign funds in a single year was $7,661,157.

In 2018 Republicans approved tax breaks for the five largest banks on Wall Street totaling $2.5 billion. Their contributions to Republican campaigns in that same year totaled $23,507,476.

The petroleum industry, which is price gouging the American people today, continues to receive “tax incentives,” although their annual profits are about 400 percent. Their lobbyists gave Republican congressmen $107,229,874.

These are just a few examples of corruption in Washington, the full list is much longer than your arm.

“Super PACs” exist today for the sole purpose of electing men and women who will support the wishes of special interests.

Possibly the most telling statistic of all is the money spent to elect our president in 2020. The two candidates received and spent 4.1 billion dollars over 24 months.

One of the biggest problems facing our nation today is growing and presents a danger to our country’s future. We call it income inequality. This simply means that while 10 percent of all 331 million Americans continue to enjoy huge increases in their annual income, the other 90 percent see their income remaining stagnant, and in some cases their benefits decreased. This situation exists because congress allows it.

To guarantee this travesty continues, Republicans in red states are passing voter suppression laws believing this will aid their candidate’s efforts to win elections. As revealed by the 2020 election, a large turnout generally favors Independent and Democratic candidates.

In Washington, Republicans voted against the fair voting act to prevent this Constitutional violation, and protect the first amendment rights of minorities and the poor.

All of this adds up to one upsetting reality. The United States is now a plutocracy, the step between a capitalistic society and a fascist regime. Every decision in government, local, state, and federal, is controlled by the super-rich. Your needs and wishes are no longer included in the actions of right-wing politicians.

Don’t choose ignorance and believe the lies from Republican candidates. Independents and Democrats are fighting for you but face Mitch McConnell’s “party of no,” obstructionists who are owned by big business.

Please vote on November 8th and save yourselves.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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