Republicans and Fox Use Fear of Losing White Privilege to Win Elections

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Racism in America has become an even bigger issue since Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency. As the leader of America’s white supremacy movement, he encouraged Neo-Nazi groups to come out of the shadows and become a major force in our nation’s political system.

The Trump Klan has a long history of racism and bigotry. It is no surprise that Donny Boy continues the family tradition. However, over four years he escalated his personal beliefs, and his ambition to remake America into a fascist state became obvious, although you will never see or read about this fact in the mainstream media.

The United States of America is and has been the most racist nation in the developed world for centuries. Because “the truth lives here” I can tell you that our country has never been a “great nation,” and that fact is proven by those in our country who believe in white supremacy, and the legitimacy of a Trump presidency.

In the 2016 and 2020 elections, Trump played the race card. He manufactured a fear among pure whites by telling them that a diverse America would end their privilege. White privilege is in decline and for millions of white men and women, this is a natural phenomenon foreseen by our founding fathers who saw our nation as a nation of immigrants.

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“He’s saying, ‘If you’re a White guy, tough luck,’ ” complained Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas referring to the “spin” of a statement by President Biden.

Trump has falsely accused Democrats of putting White people at “the back of the line” for coronavirus medical care and has blasted prosecutorial “racists” — a jibe at Black women in New York and Atlanta who are probing his conduct.

I find it interesting and disgusting that white Americans are attempting to reverse the history of racism and slavery against Black Americans which has existed for over 400 years.

The fact about racism in America has been hidden by law enforcement and the mainstream media for decades. Prior to the use of body cams and cellular phones, racial incidents reported in their required paperwork by members of law enforcement were taken at “face value,” without any form of confirmation. Today there are body cams worn by law enforcement, and every American citizen has a camera thanks to the development of wireless phones.

Trump and “his people” continue to spread the baseless fears of whites that they are facing discrimination in America today. No one, not Black Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, women, the LGBTQ community, or any other group is asking for anything than the equal rights guaranteed them by the Constitution.

The truth is that efforts by Trump and his party, “The American Fascist Party,” are focused on shredding the Constitution. Other than the second amendment, which is ambiguous and failed to address the focus of its primary intention definitively, Trump and his supporters would repeal the Law of the Land.

Right-wing politicians are exploiting reality. America is becoming more diverse every year, and that’s a great thing for the dream of our founding fathers. The word is “equality,” and it is finally becoming a reality in a nation that promised this expectation 246 years ago.

Those who call themselves “Republicans,” both politicians and voters, are fearful of this reality and are attempting to deny the natural evolution of a nation of immigrants.

Please vote on November 8th and again in 2024. You will decide our nation’s future.

Op-ed by James Turnage


CNN: Led by Trump, GOP increasingly casts White people as racism’s victims; by John Harwood
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