Desperate to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle, Ignore the Ads From Greedy Corporations on Television, and Read This

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Americans are lazy. Everyone wants a “quick fix.” Nothing in life works that way. When your goal is weight loss for any reason, “the truth lives here,” and it is as simple and difficult as it was decades ago: diet and exercise.

Okay, stop moaning and thinking about how difficult it is to do the right thing. It’s not as hard as it appears.

Everything good which happens to a human being begins with free and deep thought, which includes willpower and serious commitment. Anything we deeply want and need can be accomplished, and no one and no “invention” can help if we are not focused on the ultimate goal.

Corporations that create “diet plans,” or pills that help you lose weight are con artists; formerly known as “sellers of snake oil” and other titles. None of them will help you take off the weight and keep it off. They care about profits, not people.

Before I offer my advice for free, let’s look at the facts. Being overweight and more importantly obese, shortens your life. The aesthetics mean nothing, but the length and quality of your life do.

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If you are dangerously overweight you are more likely to acquire heart disease, diabetes, and back, knee, and other problems related to your body’s basic structure. Being overweight makes you more likely to acquire diseases of all types and other physical problems. Simple fatigue is a never-ending condition from carrying excess weight.

If you fit into this category, it is likely that you have tried a minimum of 10 diets, and failed. Diets never work. Although you may have tried a combination of what does work, changing your habits, diet, and exercise. The exercise part is initially exhausting and often frustrating. However, it is necessary and becomes easier, and hopefully enjoyable.

What I will tell you is simple, but not easy. Compare it to anything you have accomplished in your life and know that it will require complete focus physically and mentally, but once you begin to understand that your ultimate goal is possible, you will become excited about every new day. Let’s begin.

Americans in general eat far more food than they need. We should only eat when we are hungry. I do believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for most, but this does not apply to everyone. None of us is like the other in any respect. Lunch can be even more important for many, and knowing this fact can change your life. For nearly everyone, dinner is the least important, and consuming a large meal at the end of the day can be dangerous in many ways. You hear it all the time, but eating more fruits and vegetables and less red meat will not only guarantee weight loss but also increase your basic health.

I was the first male aerobics instructor in San Diego County in the mid-1980s. I informed every new student that my goal was not to help them lose weight but to build a healthier lifestyle. I advised them to attend classes three days a week, and on the other days play tennis, jog at a comfortable rate, simply take a long, brisk walk with their dog, or anything else which they enjoyed. I also told them to never get on a scale. They can be very deceiving. Instead, I told them to try on clothes they left in their closet for months and even years, and see if they are a little more comfortable.

Diet is extremely important. All the exercise in the world will not compensate for poor choices regarding what we put into our bodies.

First and foremost, you must not allow yourself to consume any “fast food.” Not only is 100 percent of it laden with fats and undigestible ingredients, it provides little or no nutrition. Second, no take-out or delivery of food for the same reasons. In addition, eliminate pre-prepared foods which are frozen or available to take home from a deli, or a grocery store. Obey all these rules at least six days each week. Most importantly shop and cook your own food 95 percent of the time. You should know and choose what you are putting into your body.

This may surprise you. I believe that going hungry for foods you love will damage everything you are attempting to accomplish. Cravings can destroy even the strongest intentions. Every once in a while, I must have a hamburger. If you eat food that is less healthy, only eat what you can place on a salad plate, no more, and no “seconds.” If you are the primary “cook” in your family, follow this same rule. Enjoy what your family enjoys, but simply eat less.

You should not lose more than 2-3 pounds a week under any circumstances. It will stay off. And, yes, drink lots of water and if you like, tea and fruit juice without added sugar. Sodas prevent weight loss, even the ones fallaciously labeled “diet.” Also, avoid all sugar substitutes. They contain chemicals that prevent normal metabolism. The same is true for butter substitutes.

One final thing: absolutely no snacking. Only eat at mealtimes, and eat wisely.

Changing your habits will change your life. The excess fat will begin to disappear, but more importantly, you will feel better, and minor ailments acquired over years will begin to fade away.

Losing weight is a process of using what you have, common sense. It is comparable to a more difficult problem, becoming a non-smoker. You can do it, do it for yourself.

Written by James Turnage


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