Does Anyone Care About What Donald Trump Has to Say?

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Does anyone care about what the 45th president has to say? Donald J. Trump continues to lie and repeat the same falsehoods over and over again.

No one can deny that, in general, speeches are boring. Only a few men and women in my life were able to capture my attention for as long as one-half hour. Their mastery of the English language and inciteful content made me think. Every sentence had meaning and offered inspiration and made me question my own life and the future of the people of the world. Then came Donald Trump.

Trump loves to listen to himself talk. He will stand before his “people” for an hour without offering a complete and coherent sentence. What he does say is composed of lies and his own distorted views of this country and the world. Everything that comes from his piehole is repeating the same old crap from 2015 and beyond, displaying growing senility and loss of mental acuity. So, why would any legitimate news agency offer him any coverage? He is not news. Trump is a part of America’s dark past. They should be doing their jobs and covering events that will move the nation forward into the 21st century. There are many progressive men and women in America who deserve their attention, but “sensationalism sells advertising.”

Trump continues to have allies on the first fake-news broadcast, Fox News. However, ABC, NBC, and CBS are also publishing Trump’s divisive and baseless gibberish.

One of the most disreputable men in America is spreading a new conspiracy theory, based on Trump’s position as the leader of the white supremacist movement in America. Tucker Carlson has proven that he is one of the biggest racists in America. His constant criticism of the fact-based “critical race theory” proves this fact. However, he has reached a new low. It is Carlson who is spreading the lie about what he calls “the great replacement theory.”

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Carlson is attempting and succeeding in convincing white America that “people of color and non-white immigrants are going to intentionally replace pure whites in American culture.” It is estimated that 50% of all Republican voters believe Carlson’s biggest lie.

Trump is excited. Carlson has offered him a new lie to tell his cult. This is rare for the old, obese, white man. Trump seldom has a thought of his own, not one since telling COVID-19 victims to drink bleach to cure their infected bodies. Prior to March 2020, Trump told everyone that the coronavirus would “just go away.” However, the deaths of more than one million Americans related to the pandemic confirm that Trump was simply telling another destructive lie.

This weekend’s mass shooting, resulting in the deaths of 10 innocent Americans in Buffalo, was proven to be a hate crime by the words of the alleged perpetrator. The 18-year-old proudly stated that his motivation for killing Black men and women in a predominately Black supermarket was his belief in the “great replacement theory,” the racist notion that white Americans are being deliberately replaced through immigration.

Carlson and millions of ignorant or simply uninformed white Americans are ignoring the fact that the FBI confirmed that the greatest danger to the American people is white, domestic terrorism.

It is no surprise that Fox fake-newspersons have been silent about the Buffalo massacre, and have not spoken the phrase “great replacement theory” since Saturday. However, relatives of the alleged shooter are offering a defense, although this was confirmed as a planned assault on Black Americans exclusively.

Relatives of Buffalo’s supermarket-slaughter suspect are copping the COVID defense, telling The Post on Monday that the teen likely snapped because of his paranoia and isolation due to the pandemic.

“The truth lives here,” and the facts are that this racist went to a gun store, purchased a military weapon, and planned an attack on Blacks only. Let’s stop the carnage.

Finally, Carlson grew up in an atmosphere of extreme white privilege. He attended a predominantly white, Christian high school, and a predominately Christian University in San Francisco. His distorted beliefs are based on his limited knowledge of the real United States of America.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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Featured Image Courtesy of Christoph Scholz‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inline Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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