Supreme Court Not Only Out to Destroy Women’s Rights But Democracy Too

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Supreme Court is not only out to destroy women’s rights, it is out to destroy what’s left of America’s Democracy. I never thought I would live to see it, but today’s Supreme Court is more dangerous to America’s future than the legislative branch. Six of the justices selected by Moscow Mitch McConnell, and “party first” presidents have stacked the Court in favor of right-wing extremists and the special interests they serve. The Court made a very controversial decision today, which will affect the outcome of our elections far into the future.

The Court’s decision in FEC v. Ted Cruz for Senate is a boon to wealthy candidates. It strikes down an anti-bribery law that limited the number of money candidates could raise after an election in order to repay loans they made to their own campaigns.

In other words, the worst Supreme Court in our nation’s history just approved bribery as a tool by the super-rich to buy seats for candidates who work for them. The vote was 6-3, with all six Republicans bowing to the demands of Cruz and his wealthy owners.

If we look back at the 2016 campaign and examine Ted Cruz’s failed campaign to win the Republican nomination, and scrutinize his financial support, it was tech-billionaire Robert Mercer who selected Cruz. “The truth lives here,” and it is a fact that not only has Mercer been closely associated with Vladimir Putin and his oligarchs, but he also rushed to take control of Trump’s campaign when Cruz was crushed in the primaries by the least qualified candidate in history. Did Putin have a part in the decision? Mercer financially supports several fascist organizations seeking the end of democracy in America, including Breitbart.

Known by his cohorts as the worst senator in Washington, Cruz is dependent on the support of billionaires for the success of his campaigns. He is disliked by most Americans, Republicans, and Democrats alike, and relies on big money to win.

Cruz was sworn into the Senate in December of 2013 and has never accomplished one positive thing for the people of Texas. In his first year, he led the effort to shut down our government in support of the Koch brothers who paid for his election in 2012. He is one of the first elected members of the TEA Party, one of the main reasons the Republican Party no longer exists.

It is no exaggeration to inform you that I am very afraid of the future of my beloved country. As long as Moscow Mitch, the creator of the party no, controls the senate, the lives of the majority of the American people will decline. As income inequality continues to become a greater problem, our freedoms and Constitutional rights are being erased from our society, and white supremacists advance their control over our government, I see no hope for the existence of the United States by the end of the century.

Our government is dysfunctional and will not return to being the greatest deliberative body in the world until all, and I mean every man and woman who calls themselves “Republicans,” are removed from Washington. Every one of them is a charlatan, serving everyone other than the 331 million people who compose the United States of America.

The Court was the last bastion of hope for our country. However, it has been politicized beyond repair with lifetime appointments for five men and one woman who is a religious extremist representing the Christian Religious Right.

I will not be here to see the end of my America. I call upon all younger Americans to win this second Civil War and begin the second Revolutionary War. Only you can save the future or your country by defeating the fascist forces currently dominating Washington. The future is in your hands, and you can surrender to the evils facing our nation, or fight for your future and the future of your country.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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