Google Unveils New Products for This Summer


Google has announced new products to be released in the future. The Pixel 6a will be one of these products.

The Pixel 6a is set to release in July and will feature plenty of new features for a lower price than their previous model. The Pixel 6 Pro came out in October of 2021 and was priced at $900. The new Pixel 6a is priced at $449.

The 6a is one of three phones announced. It was accompanied by the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. All three phones will feature the Magic Eraser tool, which allows you to delete unwanted objects in photos.

Courtesy of Tinh tế Photo (Flickr CC0)

Another promise made was the Pixel 6a, 7, and 7 Pro will last up to 72 hours on a single charge when placed in extreme battery saver mode. The 6a will come in sage, chalk, and charcoal.

Also announced were a few other products:

  • The Pixel Buds Pro features active noise cancellation.
  • The Pixel Tablet.
  • The first-ever Pixel Watch.

The Pixel Buds Pro will have a selection of features dedicated to competing with other high-end true wireless earbuds. In addition to active noise cancellation, they will have mesh covers for clearer call quality, and beamforming microphones.

This means the microphones have a direct beam in which they pick up audio, allowing for less background noise. The Pixel Buds Pro will have a battery life of seven hours with active noise cancellation, or eleven hours without it, and will come in four colors: charcoal, fog, lemongrass, and coral.

All in all, it seems Google has big plans for its future releases. The decrease in the pricing of high-end smartphones is hopeful for the future of not only consumers but technology. It is a sign that this technology is no longer flagship, and newer technologies will soon make their way into the market.

Written by Joseph Nelson
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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Images Courtesy of Tinh tế Photo’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License