It’s Time to Create A New System of Governance for America

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Our government is completely dysfunctional, and there is no way to fix it. It’s time to create a new system for America, and the way we hold elections.

All three branches have been worthless since January of 2009 when Moscow Mitch McConnell stood in front of a television camera and promised that “his party would do nothing until that Black man was no longer in the White House.” He kept that promise, and the “party of no” continues to do nothing today.

The three branches are composed of 545 men and women. They run our country, or at least that is their intended purpose. Without changing that number, three changes would immediately fix what is wrong in Washington.

First, set term limits for members of the House and Senate. However, this will never happen because America is cursed with the existence of “professional politicians” who will never do the right thing and vote for this necessary change.

Second, ban lobbyists. These men and women work for large corporations, billionaires and millionaires. They own an entire political party. Working class Americans do not have a lobby. This violates equal protection under the law.

Finally, end the existence of political parties. They are a dark stain on our government. At the very least remove the indicators on our ballots designating which party candidates belong to. If there were no “Rs” or “Ds” next to the candidates’ names, voters would be forced to know something about who they are voting for. An Independent voter is an intelligent voter.

Of course, none of this will happen in America, so let’s make some drastic changes.

By their own inaction, our government has proven that we don’t need 100 senators or 435 members in the House. They don’t talk to each other. There is no deliberation or compromise. I suggest one senator from each state, and limit him or her to two four-year terms.

Each state has representation in the House based on population. Let’s limit each state to two Congressmen. Each state would have equal representation in Washington. A smaller government will force them to talk to each other. Let’s do the same with the House: maximum two four-year terms. Because they face reelection every two years, they begin campaigning the day they are sworn in.

Courtesy of Greg Miller (Flickr CC0)

A reduction in worthless politicians would save America $66,990,000 in wasted salaries each year.

Our current system of choosing our president requires but a single, simple change. Our nation must never again be forced to endure totally unqualified man or woman in the White House for four years. Both American presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump were unfit to lead our nation, and proved this fact every day they were in office. Therefore, I suggest a requirement forcing every presidential candidate to pass a competency test. The man or woman who is responsible for 330+ million people, and controls the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world should be qualified for the most difficult job in the world. No one wants another moron like the orange buffoon to have the nuclear launch codes to use at his own discretion. There is no job in the world where experience is more important than for the President of the United States.

These changes would eliminate midterm elections, with a general election for all members of the executive and legislative branches every four years, and every eight years for the Court. This would save hundreds of millions of dollars.

Nothing works today, and every year the situation worsens. Without drastic change, the government of the United States of America will remain the worst in the developed world.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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