War Crime Probe Possible in Kyiv

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War crime
Courtesy of President Of Ukraine (Flickr CC0)

The United Nations Human Rights Council will decide on Thursday, whether or not to launch a probe into possible war crimes in the Kyiv region of Ukraine. The probe will be into human rights abuses committed in northern Kyiv by Russian troops who were in the area.

In the U.N. Human Rights Council special session on Thursday, Michelle Bachelet stated that her team has collected proof of hundreds of unlawful killings of civilians in the area north of Kyiv. Bachelet is The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights. Bachelet continued to verify that “may amount to war crimes. These killings of civilians often appeared to be intentional, carried out by snipers and soldiers.”

Over 1,000 bodies of Ukrainian civilians have been recovered in the region of Kyiv. They were discovered after Russian forces pulled back from the Kyiv region in April. Civilians were killed while looking for food or water, and while fleeing in their vehicles, Bachelet confirmed. She also indicated that the war crime of torture may be happening to unarmed civilians before they are killed.

War crime
Courtesy of President Of Ukraine (Flickr CC0)

Mariupol Still in Danger

Possible war crimes are also suspected in the city of Mariupol, where there has been an 11-week siege. Bachelet was shocked to discover the level of destruction. U.N. investigators still are not being allowed to probe the area in and around Mariupol for possible war crimes. However, they believe thousands of civilians died.

Bachelet and her team have verified several cases of sexually violent war crimes. They continue to investigate more accusations. A majority of claims come from young girls and adult women. Though reports from men and young boys have been also received.

Other organizations are investigating possible war crimes in Ukraine as well. One example is the International Criminal Court. Russian officials have denied targeting civilians in Ukraine

Written by Ronnie J. Acosta
Edited by Jeanette Vietti and Marrissa Kay


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Inline, Featured, and Top Image Courtesy of President Of Ukraine’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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