What Did Kellyanne Conway Know That Trump Did Not?

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ConwayA couple of days ago, I wrote an article about Kellyanne Conway, one of the biggest phonies in Washington. It reminded me of an incident which happened in 2016, less than a month prior to the election.

On October 7, 2016, a tape was released to the press which should have ended Donald Trump’s campaign. Getting off of an “Access Hollywood” bus, Trump admitted to being a sexual predator.

Trump’s former “paid liar,” Kellyanne Conway is promoting a new book of “memoirs.” She claims that Trump decided to end his campaign after the tapes were revealed, but she convinced him not to. Why? What did she know that he did not?

Conway became a member of Trump’s campaign in August of 2016. She arrived as his campaign manager along with Steve Bannon, who became Trump’s strategist. Billionaire Robert Mercer, who had financed Ted Cruz’ campaign, brought Conway, Bannon, and his money to Trump’s failing effort to win the presidency.

Mercer allegedly has close ties to several Russian oligarchs, and by association, Vladimir Putin.

In October, as Trump prepared to end his hope to live in the White House, was it Conway’s effort to convince Trump to remain in the race based on collusion between herself and other members of Trump’s team and Russian agents to aid her boss in his ultimate goal which kept him in the contest?

Trump was far behind in the polls. What did she know that Trump and the American people did not?

Skip to November 8th, and the shock of a lifetime. The least qualified man in the world, who was confirmed as a sexual predator, a racist, an Islamophobe, a malignant narcissist, and a habitual liar had won the Electoral College. God save America. Our country would be facing the greatest danger to its extinction in its history.

Another event in October involved leaders of both political parties, the President and Vice-President, and the leaders of our nation’s security agencies. It was confirmed that Russia was colluding with the Trump campaign to interfere in our election. Moscow Mitch McConnell prevented this fact from being released to the voting public.

After the election, our government continued its practice of lying to the people who elected them, claiming that although Russia did attempt to place Trump in the White House, it had no effect. This was a blatant and revolting lie. A lower voter turnout in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin gave Trump his victory. Trump was given the Electoral College by less than 80,000 total votes in three states.

Here’s another secret our government doesn’t want you to know about.

Trump and Putin met for the first time in Moscow in 1987. Donald and Ivana were invited by the KGB, and they accepted. At that time, Putin was a high-ranking member of the Russian spy agency. You might remember that during the 2016 campaign, and after, Trump said, “I never met the man.” And later, “I barely know Putin, but he seems like a smart man.”

Records show that Trump spoke with Putin many times over four years of pretending to be your president. On one occasion White House staff claimed that after congress passed a resolution to sanction Russia for its interference in our election, Trump and Putin engaged in a phone call. After it ended, Trump vetoed the sanctions.

“The truth lives here,” and will never be spoken in Washington. Fascism is alive and well in America.

Op-ed by James Turnage

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