AEW’s Dynamite Road Rager 2022

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All Elite Wrestling (AEW) held its Road Rager for Dynamite on Wednesday. Great bouts occurred, and overall, it was a good event. The show had matches with all types of stipulations. The opening of AEW Dynamite Road Rager was the hair versus hair bout. The match was between Jericho Appreciation Society’s (JAS) “The Wizard” Chris Jericho against his former friend and stable member Ortiz.

‘Blood and Guts, Blood and Guts, BLOOD AND GUTS!!!!’

Ortiz and Jericho were part of the Inner Circle stable from AEW’s debut episode Dynamite. Ortiz and Santana realized how Jericho viewed them with the help of their former LAX stable member Eddie Kingston. Kingston and Jericho have a lot of bad blood stemming from their match at the AEW Revolution. The rivalry is so intense now that Kingston wants nothing more than to defeat Chris Jericho again. Their next meet-up will be a Blood and Guts match on June 29 in Detroit.

Jericho and Ortiz were a great match from start to finish. AEW has heavily invested in the storyline stemming from the disbandment of the Inner Circle. Their bout seemed nearing its end after both wrestlers could end the match. Jericho called an audible to secure the win and keep his hair. The audible came from former Inner Circle member “Spanish God” Sammy Guevara. Members from both sides of Ortiz’s allies and the JAS battled it out on the outside. Guevara dressed up as his best friend Fuego Del Sol and appeared in the ring.

Del Sol grabbed Jericho’s bat when the referee was distracted. He hit Ortiz, causing him to lose the bout. Ortiz, a man of his word, began cutting his own hair piece by piece shouting “Blood and Guts.” As of now, Kingston’s team consists of all former members of LAX after Ortiz lost to Jericho.

TNT Championship Mayhem: Orange Strikes Back

AEW’s Dynamite Road Rager 2022 was about solving issues inside and out of the ring. First, AEW’s Mr.Mayhem Wardlow filed a lawsuit against him during his feud with Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF). All 20 plaintiffs decided to settle this in the ring against Wardlow: He quickly dominated each of them. Afterward, Wardlow set his eyes on the TNT Champion one-half of The Men of the Year and Mr. TNT Scorpio Sky. Wardlow intends on winning the TNT Championship, but that is yet to happen.

Since AEW is on the road to Forbidden Door later this month, fans will receive a match they never dreamed would happen. One-half of the Ring of Honor (ROH) and Triple-A (AAA) tag team champion FTR’s Dax Hardwood is going against the leader of United Empire and the IWGP United States Champion Will Ospreay.

This was Ospreay’s AEW singles debut against Hardwood. They were part of a trios match during AEW Rampage last Friday. Ospreay let Hardwood know this would be no easy task in the bout’s early moments. At one point, it seemed like whoever made a mistake would lose. However, Ospreay won against Hardwood after connecting with a rolling elbow.

Members of both United Empire, Chaos, FTR, and Roppongi Vice stormed the ring until one man made his return. When the smoke cleared, everyone was in awe. The self-proclaimed “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy had a stare-down with Ospreay in the middle of the ring.

Shortly after, the AEW/NJPW Forbidden Door bouts were announced. There will be a battle between two former Chaos members. Cassidy will face Ospreay one-on-one for the IWGP United States Championship on June 26 at Forbidden Door.

ALL Atlantic Tourney: AEW’s Women Division

Courtesy of Ralph Arvesen (Flickr CC0)

As the world of wrestling continues to grow, new opportunities are up for grabs. Finally, AEW will crown its first-ever AEW All-Atlantic champion. Fans watched a great match as The Redeemer Miro went one-on-one with one-half of the Men of the Year, All Ego Ethan Page. The bout was a slugger fest early on as tempers flared, and the heat of the battle flourished as pure storytelling was in play.

The Redeemer, a former TNT Champion, is on a path that could lead him to more gold. Unfortunately, All Ego was not well prepared to deal with the great Miro. Once The Redeemer called Game Over, it was all over for Page. Miro advances in the All Atlantic tourney.

More matches were announced for Forbidden Door. Toni Storm will go one-on-one with the only person that beat her since joining teh AEW. So far, she is currently 8-1. The only bout she lost in the Owen Hart Foundation Cup Tournament semi-finals was to Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

She managed to hit the Storm Zero on Baker to get the win. She submitted her claim for the AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa. Storm defeated Baker, and at Forbidden Door, it will be Storm versus Rosa for the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Young Bucks Make History at AEW Dynamite Road Rager

The night’s main event changed at the last minute, but it was a great bout. The AEW World Tag team champions Jurassic Express Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus against the Undisputed Elite’s Young Bucks Matt and Nick Jackson in a ladder match for the tag titles. Bodies, tables, and ladders were broken that night as these two teams gave everything they had; they battled for the AEW tag title as though nothing else mattered.

After putting the big man Luchasaurus through multiple tables, the Bucks laid out Jungle Boy with a BTE trigger and changed the course of AEW history forever. The Young Bucks defeated Jurassic Express to become the first-ever two-time AEW World Tag Team Champions.

After the match, Christian Cage turned heel on an injured Jungle Boy and hit him with a conchairto, putting him out of action for a while. Part two of AEW Road Rager will be on June 17 on Rampage.

Written By Semetrius Holmes
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


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