Are We Supposed to Accept Our Government’s Failure Knowing That It Is Unsafe to Leave Our Homes in the 21st Century?

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I am so damn tired of writing about this subject. If I lived in any other country, I wouldn’t be. Only in America is it unsafe to ever leave your home. You are in danger of losing your life every time you go shopping, stop to have lunch in a restaurant, go to church, your child’s life is threatened while attending school, and recently pushing your baby in a stroller could result in your demise. No longer is it safe to live a normal life.

Yesterday, a 20-year-old woman was shot in the head while pushing her three-month-old baby in a stroller in New York’s upper east side. The woman died on the scene, and the child was unharmed.

In just 48 hours, 11 Americans were killed in mass shootings across America. The carnage continues, and the forecast is for the situation to become far worse.

The facts are unforgivable and the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of our congressmen who refuse to act decisively and courageously to protect the American people from being slaughtered. This government continues to ignore its prime responsibility, to care for the safety and the future of 331 million people.

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Over the last several years I have come to believe that the second amendment must be repealed as it is written today. A literal interpretation reveals its only purpose was to guarantee the existence of a militia that would fend off an invasion from a foreign enemy. It has no meaning today, although the NRA gun lobby hides behind it continually. They own one entire party which obeys their demands without considering the welfare of the American people.

The antiquated claim by the NRA that “if guns are taken away from people, only criminals will have guns,” is complete bullshit. Today the danger comes from your neighbor, and every person walking down the street, or inside a mall, and even in your grocery store. The FBI confirms that domestic terrorism is the greatest danger to human life in America today.

However, until that happens it is mandatory that three changes begin immediately. Comprehensive background checks for all gun purchases are a must and are in no way prevented by the second amendment. The ban of all assault rifles, and handguns will save the lives of many of the 45,000 men, women, and children who die from the use of these weapons of mass destruction annually.

It totally disgusts me that this biased and bigoted Supreme Court has already allowed violations of the first, fourth, sixth, and 14th amendments, but will never do anything about the mass shootings in America which outnumber the days on the calendar.

I am beginning to think that if anyone runs for office in Washington, they are required to throw away all common sense, and promise to never do the right thing. Their orders will come not from 331 million people, but from special interests, billionaires, who pay lobbyists to buy their votes.

Yesterday, I found one, a small ray of hope for America. In Tuesday’s primaries, multiple incumbents lost to first-time candidates, not what usually happens in a midterm election.

There are 545 men and women controlling the lives of 331 million, and they are doing a s****y job. Only our president is fighting every day for us, but he is facing the obstacle of Moscow Mitch McConnell’s party of no.

Op-ed by James Turnage, Novelist


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