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Are You a Religious Person, Not a “Politically Correct Christian,” but a True Believer?

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I reject organized religion. If you are a true believer, you are probably thinking right now, “this man is a heathen and a bad person.” I hope you’re wrong. I try to be a more spiritual person every day. I simply don’t believe that religious leaders are necessary. I know what is right and wrong, and do not need another man offering instructions about how to live my life. However, I commend all men and women who are devout followers of Judaism, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians, or members of any other faith, and strongly support their first amendment right to practice their faith or none at all if that is their choice.

The Constitution protects that right, and by simple interpretation prevents an alliance between any religion and our government. This law continues to be violated every day in Washington.

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In October of 2020, my last tiny bit of faith and hope for our government was exhausted. Moscow Mitch McConnell hurried the confirmation of a religious extremist for the seat on the Supreme Court vacated by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He broke his own rule about confirming a justice before an election. This was the third unqualified justice appointed by Trump. Today, five justices control the Court and place their personal agendas and the welfare of the Republican Party ahead of the Constitution, and the will of 331 million Americans.

One of the owners of all right-wing politicians is the Christian Religious Right. This is a direct violation of the first amendment designed to protect the rights of all Americans. These fake Republicans continue to violate my right to deny participation in religion every day. They listen to evangelical leaders, not to me.

These five extremists on the Court made another unconstitutional decision. They decided that taxpayer dollars can be used to fund religious schools. There is no question that this is a direct misuse of public funds and proves the Court completely dysfunctional and out of line with the document, it is required to protect. They have no other function, and they failed to do the one job for which they were appointed for life.

Our entire government is terminally broken. There is no possible way to repair it unless all 544 members of the legislative and judicial branches are removed. These men and women have taken complete control of the future of 331 million people. They don’t care about our needs and wishes, they are professional politicians: the scum of the earth. Every action is taken to support their personal agenda.

Fact: no religion was created by any form of deity. All religions were created by men to control the thoughts and actions of other men and women.

The support of one religion over all others is another step towards fascism. Our government seeks the removal of all free thought and free speech. Independent thinkers are a danger to despots and dictators. Our government is in the process of controlling our every action and brainwashing weak-minded men and women.

I beg of you, vote, and vote wisely. It’s time to vote every incumbent out of office. If they have an “I” next to their name on the ballot, they have wasted our time for far too long. While amassing wealth and power, long-term politicians ceased serving the people and are of no use.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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