Putin’s Russia Is Back on Top of the World 

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It’s been a long time coming, but Putin’s Russia has finally reclaimed its place as the world’s leader. And it happened in a very public way — with a single tweet.

It all started when Russian President Vladimir Putin posted an image of himself riding a horse while wearing an orange suit and hat (which we guess is his standard getup). He also had a kind of weird grin on his face, which we can only assume was because he was so thrilled to be back in charge.

Then the Internet exploded with memes about how much Putin loves power (he does), and how much he loves having the power to control people’s lives (he does). A lot of people took this as an opportunity for fun—but some thought it was actually more dangerous than funny. They called on Americans to stand up against this “tyrant” who wants to make everyone else live like him, even though he doesn’t even have real powers anymore!

We think America should be able to do whatever it wants—and if that means making fun of Putin.

Putin is one of the most powerful people in the world. He has been ruling Russia for more than two decades, and he’s been called “the most powerful man in the world” by TIME magazine.

Courtesy of .waldec (Flickr CC0)

While you may not know much about Russia, there are plenty of things you can learn about Vladimir Putin. We’ve put together a list of facts about him—and some fun facts about Russia—that will help you get to know our country better!

  • Vladimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952, in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). He is 52 years old now.
  • When he was young, Putin wanted to be a professional soccer player but ended up doing other things instead: working as an oil executive at Gazprom before becoming a politician in Moscow
  • Before he became President of Russia in 2012, he served two terms as Prime Minister from 1999 to 2008 and then again from 2012 until 2018 when he was elected for his third term as president—making him one of only four people ever to hold that title at once (the others being Franklin Roosevelt (President), Mao Zedong (Chairman), and Deng Xiaoping (Prime Minister)).

Russia and Putin are showing no signs of slowing down, but they’re still keeping a low profile. They’ve been spotted in the country’s capital, Moscow, where they have been meeting with political leaders and discussing their plans for the future of Russia.

The Russian leader has taken a lot of heat for his recent actions, but it looks like he’s ready to take some time off from the spotlight and get back to business as usual.

Putin is expected to make an appearance at an event celebrating the birthday of the country’s founder, Vladimir Lenin. He’ll be joined by other leaders from around the world who have shown their support for Russia since it became an independent nation in 1991.

Putin’s speech has concluded. He said that the country needs to focus on improving its economy and infrastructure, as well as it’s social and political systems. He also said that Russia needs to protect its borders from outside threats and that it needs to work with other countries in order to solve global problems.

Written by Janet Grace Ortigas
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Republic of Korea‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image Courtesy of .waldec‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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