Netflix Continues Geeked Week With Day of Films [Video]

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Day 2 of Geeked Week revolved around showcasing the new movies coming to Netflix. Like the previous day, the streaming giant has many projects in the works.

Day 1: Netflix Is All About The Movies

Netflix made many announcements for new shows on Monday. Subscribers and fans were entertained to sneak peeks at many popular shows on the company’s YouTube live stream. Tuesday’s live stream showed previews of new films with Jamie Foxx, Ryan Gosling, and Chris Hemsworth. The company is shaping up to have some of the biggest talked about film releases of the year.

‘The Gray Man’

Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling will go head to head in this action thriller. The two actors play assassins, both charged with taking down the other. This will be a reunion for Evans and directors Anthony and Joe Russo ever since they all worked together during Marvel’s Infinity Saga.

‘Day Shift’

Jamie Foxx plays a vampire hunter in this action film created by John Wick director Chad Stahelski. Stahelski is known for intense action sequences and the behind-the-scenes teaser showed some of the fight scenes. Netflix plans to release the film on August 12.

‘The Sea Beast’

This animated movie is directed by Chris Williams, a filmmaker who previously worked on “Moana” and “Big Hero 6.” The movie will star Zaris-Angel Hator and “The Boys” actor Karl Urban. The story is about a girl who finds herself on an island filled with unique creatures after stowing away in a pirate ship. The movie has a hybrid release, coming soon to select theaters and to Netflix on July 8.

‘The Killer Book Club’

This new mystery slasher film features a group of young adults, a weird clown, crimes committed, and laws broken.

‘Wendell & Wild’

This stop motion film comes from Jordan Peele, known for horror films like “Get Out” and “Us.” Peele co-writes a story about a young girl discovering paranormal activity at school. The movie is slated to land this October.


This movie has been billed as “Black Mirror meets Shutter Island.” The story centers around a correctional facility that has inmates participate in drug trials to shorten their sentences. The movie starring Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller comes to Netflix on June 17.

‘Rebel Moon’

Zack Snyder is returning with another movie for Netflix. The filmmaker has produced two films in the streaming giant’s “Army of the Dead” franchise. This new sci-fi epic went from being a Star Wars concept into a Snyder original after Disney purchased Lucasfilm. So far, only set photos and a short teaser have been released.

‘The School For Good And Evil’

Netflix released a teaser trailer for this film based on a book series and it is coming in September. The movie follows a school for training heroes and villains.

More To Come From Netflix

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“Blasted:” This sci-fi comedy has been described as a mix of “The Hangover,” “Hot Fuzz,” and UFOs. The film follows a group of characters having to fight off an alien invasion. The movie comes to Netflix on June 28.

“Interceptor:” Netflix released behind-the-scenes footage for this film that is streaming right now at the time of this writing. The plot is about a woman fighting off mercenaries headed by a corrupt intelligence officer.

“Troll:” This Netflix film comes from the director for 2018’s “Tomb Raider.” It follows a group of people discovering a giant troll in the hills.

“Zom 100: Bucket List Of The Dead:” This film is inspired by a horror-comedy manga series of the same name. It is about a man whose boring life changes rapidly due to a zombie outbreak.

Look out for articles posted about the next days in Geeked week.

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