New Leak on Apple iPhone 14 Devices

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The separation between iPhone 14 devices by Apple will be bigger than any past generation of iPhones. Also, they now have a large voice that has given support to what will probably prove the difference that is the most isolating.

In a recent report, TrendForce, an industry analyst, has taken the side with an increasing number of heavyweights for industries. They claimed that Apple will release the iPhone 14 models with a new chipset generation. This will be for the first time in the history if iPhone.

Apple’s iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro leaked information has shown two iPhones that are very different. This is because Apple is set to enlarge the space between the non-Pro and the Pro phones. There have been different opinions. New information that is different around their release has also caused split opinions.

Contradictive Reports About iPhone 14 Releases

In the last few weeks, reports that contradict themselves have stated that they will and there will not be a delay to release a portion of the iPhone 14 devices. The picture has been twisted once again by an insider that is respected in the industry.

In some tweets, Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst with TF International Securities, argued a report made recently from ET News, that problems with supplied have forced Apple to install a camera module that is front-facing prematurely that was intended for the iPhone 15 and it was at a cost.

Kuo explained that the report that was made what not completely accurate with his knowledge. “1. If LG Innotek became iPhone 14 front camera supplier in 2Q22, it would be almost impossible to catch up with the development schedule for 2H22 iPhone 14. 2. I believe Apple had already chosen LG Innotek and Cowell as the iPhone 14 front camera suppliers in 4Q21 at the latest.”

Courtesy of HS You (Flickr CC0)

This goes perfectly with the claims he made before that the production overall for the iPhone14 is currently under control. Also, both Jeff Pu and Nikkei Asia think the supply of the iPhone 14 Max are behind by approximately a month.

Pu is an analyst with Haitong International Securities.

iPhone Split Releases

Also, CEO of Display Supple Chain Consultants, Ross Young, and an industry insider who is one of the most accurate, has argued that the panel shipments for the 14 Max has continuously been delayed. With that, Apple might be looking at its second iPhone split in the past five years, after the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. That was the second split in the history of iPhone, following the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

It is a shock to see insiders divide the way they are as leaks involving the iPhone releases are typically consistent. This is often because of the way the Apple devices are mass-produced. With Apple’s hush-hush expertise not able to start the flow of leaks while they crank up production, according to Forbes.

Whether is a split release or there isn’t, the biggest alienating aspect of the Apple iPhone 14 release is most likely going to be the phones as they are. As the standard 14 models will inherit the exact rear cameras, design, and chipset as the lineup of the iPhone 13 devices, the 14 models will get ahead in regard to upgrades in the three departments. The devices will have a higher price to match the upgrades.

A15 and A16 Chip

However, AppleLeaksPro claims Apple is messing with the thought of doing a rebrand on the A15 chip and create the A16. Also, they would call the next generation chip the A16 Pro and it would be in the iPhone 14 series, according to his sources. On the other hand, it fits in with Apple’s bigger strategy of heightened differences between the standard model and the pro models.

It continues to be visible that fans of the iPhone are responding to the aggressive try by Apple to upsell purchasers to the models that are more expensive.

Written by Marrissa Kay


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