Will Roe v Wade Become the Impetus That Propels Kamala Harris to Become the First Black Woman President?

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Yes, I continue to believe that Joe Biden will be a one-term president. He will be 82 years of age just after the 2024 election. With a nation averaging 38.2 years of age, the probability of our nation’s voters electing an octogenarian to lead a young nation is highly improbable. Trump will be a very old 78 on election day and has displayed signs that he is both mentally and physically unfit for the office of President of the United States. It would be a bit of a surprise if both old men refrained from becoming candidates in the next presidential election. However, the norm has nothing to do with our nation’s politics since the controversial results of 2016.

I begin with President Biden. Not only is his age a factor, huge factor, but he has also accomplished his lifetime’s ambition. With the opposition of the “party of no,” created by Moscow Mitch McConnell in 2009, he is incapable of completing his ambitious plans for America’s future. He is married to the love of his life, and as an 80-year-old man, how many years can he expect to have left in a lifetime of service to his country? There is more to life than work and devotion to what you consider to be your duty. It’s time to pass the baton to the woman he selected as his running mate who is younger and more representative of the population of today’s America. She would represent both women and our growing diverse population.

Donald John Trump is not only the worst and most ineffective president in history, he is old beyond his years on the calendar. Over the last two years, he has exhibited declines in both his already questionable mental and physical abilities. His speech has become more erratic. His refusal to accept a preponderance of the evidence that the 2020 election was entirely fair and election fraud was not involved in the outcome, proves that he is mentally unstable. Physically, he continues to stumble and display depleted energy and an inability to endure the physical exertion necessary to conduct a campaign. Add to this fact his lack of interest in feigning a work ethic for four more years, and it appears ludicrous that he has the desire to relive his miserable life in the White House.

Courtesy of Gage Skidmore (Flickr CC0)

Before the 2020 election, I firmly believed that the long-range plan was to ensure that Kamala Harris would be selected to replace President Biden in 2024. This is logical, but in the 21st-century predictions and logic have seldom found a home.

If you know me, you know that in 2020 Harris was my first choice for the Democratic nomination. This has nothing to do with Biden’s qualifications, but everything to do with hers.

First, she is a woman, and I have long believed that only a woman president can save America’s future. She is the right age. Vice-President Harris will be 60 on election day 2024. She is of African and Indian descent, representative of the diversity which is growing in the United States. She is far more progressive than President Biden and more appealing to the largest voting bloc in America, millennials. The baseless anger and false accusations from the right will propel her into the presidency and great change will become the single goal of her administration. The welfare of the American people will become a priority for the first time since the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I did not project the possibility of a single issue that could possibly secure her presidency in 2024. However, the most biased and political decision by a Supreme Court in history on June 24, 2022, may become the impetus to sweep Ms. Harris into the White House.

The basic law of physics is that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” The will of the American people cannot be denied forever. The truth lives here, and it will always rise to the surface over time.

When basic human rights are denied by the highest court in the land and supported by an entire political party, a revolution is inevitable if the future of a free people is to endure. A revolution can be bloody or simply the result of the power of the voting public. My sincere hope is the latter, but I’m not sure if the radical extremists on the right will allow it. Their goal is to create a fascist regime to replace our democratic government.

I fear that the ignorant right-wing of America’s politics will incite violence on many fronts. The Court’s unconstitutional decision added to the division of our nation’s people. Most progressives share my pacifist position. However, when backed into a corner, even the most gentle and meek among us will fight back.

Finally, as I read about the initial protests, I find even greater fear about violence and our nation’s future. Protests supporting the Court’s decision are being led by Neo-Nazi groups like the Proud Boys. This in itself is disturbing, but the fact that law enforcement appears to be supportive of these white supremacist groups is frightening. They have shown increased brutality when facing those supporting women’s rights, and less severity when addressing fascists. Once again, the first amendment is under attack from the extremist right. I continue to distrust anyone in power in today’s America.

Op-ed by James Turnage
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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Images Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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