Fox Personalities Follow Murdoch’s Lead and Drop Support for America’s Biggest Loser

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After Rupert Murdoch Abandoned Donald Trump, His On-Air Personalities Are Dropping Their Support for America’s Biggest Loser

Slowly but steadily, Trump’s most adamant supporters are putting him in their past. For millions of Americans, who are informed, Trump has been the worst thing to happen to America in its history, and some who believed in the least qualified man in history to become our nation’s leader are admitting that they were victims of the biggest con game in history.

Fox News, the right-wing propaganda machine which lied for Trump from 2015 until 2021, is ‘ghosting’ the world’s biggest loser. The Daily Kos is reporting that “Trump hasn’t appeared on Fox News for more than 100 days, and the network appears to be searching for a new ‘populist’ Sith Lord to merrily micturate upon the rich, nougaty heads of its audience.”

Trump is not happy. Throughout his campaign and four illegitimate years of pretending to be our president, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, Laura Ingraham, and Jeanine Pirro kissed his humongous derriere constantly. Is this the end of the original ‘fake news network?’

What is equally interesting is that not only is Trump a lifelong loser, he supports other losers.

The Saudi Royal Family and Trump have been linked together since the early 1990s. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman saved Trump’s business empire at least once and continues to be his loyal ally.

Courtesy of emmolos (Flickr CC0)

The Saudis are investing in professional golf, challenging the PGA’s decades-old hold on the world’s best players. The “LIV” tour is attempting to disrupt and divide players by offering huge purses in an attempt to entice the world’s most famous players away from PGA events. LIV is an ambiguous name, not clearly defined by tournament organizers.

It exists for no other reason than to make a profit from a sports venue already in decline. Without any “superstars, television ratings are falling constantly even when the majors are hyped by the networks.

Your former illegitimate president is hosting and playing in a tournament that began on Thursday, held at his resort in Bedminster, New Jersey. The worst president in history is playing in the pro-am events.

However, it appears that the tournament is facing problems similar to Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump University, and other failures. The crowds, ratings, and fan support are very small.

In “At a LIV Golf Event, Thin Crowds and a Tense Start,” the New York Times’s Bill Pennington writes:

… thunderous cheering, the typical soundtrack of most professional golf tournaments, was nonexistent. The crowds at the event, LIV Golf’s third tournament, were too sparse to hear any ovations wafting around the course…. LIV Golf officials did not announce an attendance figure.

This is like other old jokes about sporting events hyped by the media, which resulted in a less than expected audience, and in the end, lost money. Attempting to piggyback on the success of a once successful franchise is an old idea with a long list of failures. The “World Football League” failed miserably when it attempted to continue professional football’s popularity after the Super Bowl.

Trump is famous for backing losers, including pedophile Roy Moore in Alabama and David Perdue in Georgia. His ego is far bigger than his brain, as he continues to support candidates who worship him instead of those who have an opportunity to win against Democrats in future elections. He is not a Democrat, a Republican, or an American, he is “the World’s Biggest Loser.”

Written by James Turnage, Novelist


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