It Is Foolish to Have Sympathy for SCOTUS’ Six Bad Actors

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Three unqualified individuals were selected by Moscow Mitch McConnell in collusion with the Federalist Society for a single purpose; to overturn Roe v Wade. Three previous appointees waited for years when the opportunity to destroy another right of America’s women would present itself.

I read where millions of misguided Americans are offering sympathy for the justices who made the most controversial decision in the Court’s history. I call bullshit. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett were fully aware that their appointments were offered to them with the stipulation that they would end a woman’s right to control her own reproductive health. Whatever happens to them is deserved. They made a bad decision and must pay for their own mistakes. Meanwhile, the American people are stuck with three incompetents sitting on our nation’s highest court for life.

Unless The Six Bad Actors possess less intelligence than I believed, they must have known that the polls revealed a desire by most Americans to uphold Roe v Wade, and the American people would be angry. With anger towards our government comes actions protected by the first amendment, peaceful protests. However, it appears that these biased justices have never read the first amendment. They don’t like the American people and continue to seek ways to end the protests.

On MSNBC, Chris Hayes encouraged all Americans to continue registering their complaints against this bigoted Court. This decision to overturn a decision made nearly 50 years ago by a wise and qualified Supreme Court is, without a doubt, the worst decision from the Court in its history.

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“The level of defensiveness here shows the criticisms of the court are really getting to them. They hear it. They know that the public perception of them is bad. And that’s a good thing,” says Chris Hayes, on the reaction from Justices to their low public approval and recent criticism.

Seth Meyers took the situation a step further on his late-night show.

“How will they ever recover from this breach of their personal privacy?” Seth Meyers asked. “Maybe Samuel Alito can start wearing a shirt that says, ‘My judicial body, my choice.’”

He went on to share a popular opinion that real Americans are fed-up with Republican claims that they are the victims in our political system today. The Trump Party has been the instigator for more than 40 years and is the reason our government is dysfunctional.

This right-wing complaint began when the positions of six judges on the issue of overturning Roe v Wade were released, weeks before the decision was handed down. Like many, I have nothing but praise for the individual who exposed the intentions of this biased and sexist Court. There is far too much secrecy in our government. They have forgotten that this is our country, and they work for us. We do not serve them. They are lucky to have their lives of luxury and privilege and should listen to the people who are in the United States of America.

It’s past time that the American people took their country back. Your votes are about much more than choosing the best candidates, you can make a statement by voting incumbents out of office and giving new women and men the opportunity to work for you. If they refuse to address your needs and wishes, make them one-term legislators. Until term limits are forced on the legislative and judicial branches, our government will continue to fail its responsibility.

Op-ed by James Turnage, Novelist


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