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Will Law Enforcement Take Domestic Violence and Domestic Terrorism Seriously?

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Domestic violence is a growing problem virtually ignored by law enforcement and the courts. More than 40,000 Americans are killed with the use of a gun each year. Most of those deaths are women and children, often murdered by someone they knew intimately. However, those in power to take action which would reduce or prevent these unforgivable numbers do nothing.

Last Sunday, Deputies were dispatched to a Roscommon Township home in Michigan around 3:30 a.m. What they found was both sad and likely preventable. In the home were the bodies of Tirany Savage (35), her husband Bo Savage, her son Dayton Cowdrey (13), and her mother, Kim Lynette Ebright (58). According to autopsy reports, Tirany Savage, her son, and her mother died from gunshot wounds in a homicide. And Bo Savage killed himself by gunshot.

Ms. Savage had petitioned the courts for an order of personal protection. She was denied. Now four people are dead.

This is not the first murder/suicide related to marital discord, and with the ease of obtaining weapons of mass destruction, these actions will continue indefinitely until law enforcement, and the courts take it seriously.

FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress: “Domestic Terrorism is the greatest danger to the American people in the 21st century.” Mass shootings, when four or more people are shot during a single incident, are more numerous than the days on the calendar. These numbers greatly increased over the last five years.

The truth is that it is not safe to leave your home. Mass shootings happen in our churches, schools, supermarkets, shopping malls, movie theaters, bars, restaurants, concerts, workplaces, and gyms. The places normal people go every day have become life-threatening destinations.

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These preventable tragedies are rarely reported on the front page of newspapers or Google. They are everyday occurrences. Only in the United States of America.

Although the majority of Americans are demanding action and a change in our gun laws, congress refuses to do anything. They support the NRA gun lobby, not the safety of the American people.

When those in power, congress, the SCOTUS, law enforcement, and the entire judicial system ignore us, we must ignore them when they ask for our votes and our support.

If those we elect, or men and women who have jobs for the sole purpose of protecting the welfare of all Americans, refuse to perform their jobs, they should be removed from office and fired by their employers.

You and I should be angry. When the men and women fail to take action to perform their basic purpose, to protect the men and women of our nation while placing profits before people, all is lost. There is no United States of America without serious concern for the lives and security of our people.

Although I was once a supporter of the Second Amendment, it has been bastardized by politicians and greedy gun manufacturers and gun sellers through their lobby, the NRA, and I now believe it should be repealed. What was intended to be the protection of a militia until the new nation had a standing army has been abused for hundreds of years. It does not apply in any way in the 21st century.

Op-ed by James Turnage, Novelist


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