Did America Change Drastically During Trump’s Presidency?

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Did America Really Change Drastically During Trump’s Illegitimate Presidency, or Was it Always This Way?

Trump was the first man to be elected to America’s presidency in history who had not served in some form of government or in the military. For the sake of our nation, he must be the last. His administration was an abject failure and harmed our nation more than any other of the hundreds of men and women who ‘worked’ in the West Wing. The President of the United States must be a working man or woman who understands the enormous and challenging job which is the presidency. A failed businessman is incapable of leading a nation of 331 million people, and Trump proved it.

I read many articles about the changes in America over Trump’s four years, a few of which were spent in the White House. On the surface, this is undoubtedly true. However, I’m not sure if, when analyzed, the change was as radical as reported.

Two facts offer proof that the change was not as big as told by the mainstream media. He won the 2016 election, albeit with the help of Russian, James Comey, and the Mainstream Media. His Electoral College victory was secured by less than 80,000 total votes in three states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

In 2020, 74,223,369 Americans voted for Trump, although he had been confirmed as a white supremacist, a sexual predator, and the first man to be impeached twice for violating his oath of office. Not once did he keep his promise to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” In fact, he did just the opposite; he violated the Constitution many, many times. And yet he received more than 74 million votes in 2020.

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It is true that his supporters were from demographics whose numbers were previously too small to matter, but these anti-Americans were always in our country; they were simply hiding under rocks or beneath the slime in our swamps. The thousands of lies and conspiracy theories told by Trump and the “Trump MAGA Republicans” on the Hill were impossible to believe unless there was a choice to believe these falsehoods: a choice to be ignorant.

It is also a fact that our nation became more permanently divided under Trump’s reign of terror. However, white supremacists, Islamophobes, misogynists, Anti-Semites, homophobes, and xenophobes have always been part of America, and the reasons why we have never been a great nation.

Trump encouraged these deranged Americans to support him and his fascist agenda. Sadly, this continues.

On Friday, August 5, in Butler Township, on the North side of Dayton, Ohio, 39-year-old Steven Marlowe shot and killed four people in two houses. He fled and was later apprehended in Kansas. He had been staying with his parents in that small community. Those who knew him suspected that he was mentally ill.

Police found dozens of conspiracy theories on his computer. His own writings revealed his belief that nearly all of his parent’s neighbors were terrorist sleeper agents.

This is part of what I began calling “the Trump Effect” in 2015.

His negative impact on the weak-minded and uninformed affected the minds of millions. These same people already hated their country and the positive direction in which it was moving under President Obama’s leadership. They now had a powerful leader who shared their dark and demented view of America’s future.

I don’t believe “change” is the right word. I believe Trump exposed the darker side of America and preyed on their own anger and hatred.

Several of the insurrectionists who have been tried for their crimes on January 6 claimed that Trump told them to come to Washington on what became the darkest day in America’s history. I do not totally believe that is true. Leaders of Neo-Nazi groups were excited and, in turn, excited their followers and were eager to overturn democracy in America.

Take back your country from Trump and his “Magamericans.” Let’s return to a nation moving forward and share compassion and understanding, which will replace anger and hatred once and for all.

By James Turnage


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